Beyonce made her presence felt today at the 2013 inauguration of President Barack Obama. The singer performed a rousing version of “The Star-Bangled Banner” to help close out today’s ceremony.

An estimated crowd of 800,000 that extended along the National Mall to a giant tent and screen in front of the Washington Monument watched Monday’s presidential inaugural event on the Capitol Steps.

  • crabapples

    beyonce’s game is at a whole nother level compared to the standard rnb chicks. not sure how she got where she is with a virtually unblemished image. she’s not the most talented but she’s got motivation, discipline and a dope PR team.

    • PhillyReese215

      @crabapples she’s overexposed IMO. you see her EVERYWHERE it’s overkill.

      • crabapples

        @PhillyReese215 lol yep the chick is overexposed but thats not her fault.  she puts herself out there and the media eats it up.  like folks cant get enough of her.

    • hudsontm7

      It’s called “Property of the Illuminati”.  When you work for them, they got your back for life. 
      That’s why ain’t nobody fukkin with the clique..Ye,Jay, Bey and Rih.  Think about it? They are the hottest set out right now and have been for the past,umm decade. The influence they have over people are insane..and the powers that REALLY be know that.
      Coincidence? No.