Venus Williams see through lace outfit

· May 24, 2010

Venus Williams sporting her risque see through lace out during a match. Do you think Venus is se*y?

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  1. HEAVY says:


  2. Forty and Fly guy says:

    y couldn’t that have been Serena? Venus does nothing for me.

  3. lloyd goode says:

    she do not have sister body

  4. Mr Nice Guy says:

    I cannot comment until I see Serena wearing this same outfit later today…. (WISHING) ;-)

  5. TYBO2020 says:


  6. deetay says:

    I guarantee Venus is a bigger freak then Serena. You can tell by the outfit. Plus she has always been in Serena’s shadow. You cain’t tell me Venus don’t know everybody think her sister look better, so she acting out showing she sexy too. Which leads me to my conclusion that Venus is a better freak. Don’t doubt me!

  7. troy0502 says:

    she a freak but its not appropriate to comment until serena comes out showing the same!!!

  8. UmBrook says:

    DAMN! Game,Set,Match.

  9. caligula says:

    she wanna b sexy but she ain’t

  10. melloluver says:

    I think Venus is sexier than Serena…and always have. Serena is fine, but that’s about it. Venus’ body is more attractive to me, than Serena’s, and I think it’s safe for me to say that once Serena retires from tennis, she’s going to get fat.

  11. gostspkr says:

    yeah, I’d hit dat too. and besides, I like dem chun-li shaped thighs

  12. El Mexicano says:

    Excuse me if I am rude or disrespectful but, I would really like to fornicate with that woman…For a whole straight week… Oh yeah.

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