Ms.New Booty Vanity “The 8th” Wonder homegrown club pictures,would you holla at her in the club?

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  • Don't worry

    She ugly as hell….

  • MJ Fade Away

    I think she is a pretty woman, however, she need to cut that purple streak, the first pic really makes her ass look fake, from some of those pics I don't think she like dudes, but she could get it.

  • Razor

    Her ass looks to fake for me

  • TruDat

    Leggs too skinny

  • renegade

    ass faker than a $4 dollar bill…. ladies cool it with the phony body parts…

  • scog81

    Yeah I smash that ASS of hers. WHY NOT??? Look like she can be a FREAK in the bed. Them rats in pics #4&5 would get POUNDED AS WELL!!!

    • paul

      You said what I was thinking.

  • son

    this chick ass is soo fake c’mon son…i dont what the hell u cats are looking at….it just don’t look real…

  • JoeBlack2k8

    Man, y’all too damn critical. She is 4’11”. I seen chicks built like this with real booty. I would definitely SMASH!!

  • hodgeprt

    Wow can u say TRANNY. And SMH at that stupid fake ass

  • Miamiblack30586

    Fake ass! With them skinny ass legs.

  • denwill2


  • 757 lover boy

    yeah i wouldn’t mind finding out what the 8th wonder of the world is all about!! and her friends in the pic could get it too!!

  • CJ


  • pontiacmi248

    I went to school with this young lady…and that’s definitely not her “REAL” ass! I mean its hers because she paid for it! Lol…But do yo thang Ms.Vanity, I’m not hatin!

  • DannyB

    There’s no question that I’d give her all the special attention that she requires….

  • Yeah that b$*%h is ugly ass hell. But she got a crew of freaks that i know is always down to f*$k everyweekend if you got week and drank at the crib. Strait smash and dash with the crew.