Vanessa Bryant Alleges Kobe Bryant Had se* With 105 Women During Their Marriage

· December 22, 2011

Here is what “sources” say Vanessa told them.

“[Vanessa] estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105,” a friend told the tabloid.

“The lies and deceit hurt, of course, but racking up those kinds of numbers is mind-blowing and left her devastated. And when she discovered he was cheating during the recent NBA lockout, that was the final straw. Her private detective caught him redhanded with incriminating photos.”

Those numbers look off local celebs can smash 105 women in one year Kobe is a world wide famous athlete he has to be in the Wilt Chamberlain Figures. What do you think?

  • jfizzle

    After the rape allegations dude should’ve known wifey ain’t trust him no more, she had private eyes on him , SMH

  • matt smith

    She should of left him after all the years of cheating gold digging h@e be a woman get a f#$#$# job


    not bad for a highschool dropout. she raped kobe hard. why not just have 2 bisexual chicks and have threesomes all year and then when u get tired of them, go get 2 more. no sense in getting married when u on the road half the year and its dimepieces dreaming about fcking you everywhere u go. a wise man once said “i dont understand your plan at all man. but you should be around niccas like me. PIMPS.”

    • MisterMidas

      @Whatdahell Preach boy, preach!

      • Tony Money

        i feel ya 2, i done hit between 71-74 chicks i can’t remember some and I’m 25 i know kobe at least hit 2 to 300 chicks since 2000 so her numbers off or kobe like REAL affairs oppose to just 1 night stands.

  • just sliding through

    What do these females that marry these stars expect?

    • MoorFedayeen

      Exactly what they get. Think about it; its a win, win situation. If he stays I’m Str8, if he cheats or leaves I’m still Str8 or even better. She knew this day was coming when she said I do, but he didn’t. Prenump could of/should of saved the.

      Ask Bey how much she gettin should she and Jigga fall out.

      • just sliding through

        that’s true

  • Ceasar

    No prenup equals dumb as hell.. Shes the new 100million dollar women..

  • Chi Capitan

    Sounds about right. I guess that 105th one was the final straw……. lol

    • queso


  • TacCity

    Most regular dudes that’s about that life can knock down 10 a year. Kobe should’ve had a go between settin everything up for him. So I assume he has to be in the Wilt/ Magic category or he was real selective on who he was knockin down. I thought he would’ve learned from Tiger. The dude that gets w/ Vanessa is gonna treat her how she wants to be treated and ball hard on that Kobe $$$.

    • B Strait UP

      Vanessa here I come baby LOL

  • prince_kosmic

    that’s a very small number

    • prince_kosmic

      BTW, Don’t get married until you retire. Just have some kids with the same girl, pay the child support, then marry her after you retire. Simple.

      • B Strait UP

        @prince, I agree wit u, but what u gotta remember is in this world….image is everything!!! That’s why these dudes be so quick to get married now….especially in hollywood. **hollywood media**” kobes a great guy,NBA superstar & great husband…..sure we’ll market him to the masses…no problem”…LOL. now what they think of him???..LOL tiger 2….lmao!!!

        • MoorFedayeen

          B str8 that’s exactly what it is. Everything gotta be politically correct. When Brandy broke it off from the father of her child he got back by telling the world that they were never married as a means of making her look bad with a child out of wedlock.

      • Panicky Pete

        So what’s the difference between having a steady girl and being married if you going to cheat either way? Might as well just be single period.

        • jfizzle

          There are no legal ramifications for cheating on your girlfriends

          • Panicky Pete

            Right, but why put a female through that unnecessarily? Just don’t be serious with anybody and then nobody gets hurt. If you make it to the end of yo career and are std free, then look for a wife

          • prince_kosmic

            To each his own Pete, to each his own. And hers too

  • Cutta

    He cheated during the LOCK OUT? HELL NAW. Thats it. You can only cheat when the money is flowing IN nigga… DUH rofl

  • jj

    Wilt’s said he banged 20,000 women….that’s 2 different chicks every night for 30 years straight. I don’t believe that number for one second just like I don’t believe Kobe only cheated on her with 10 chicks a year I would guess 60+ chicks a year when the Lakers are on the road.

  • biggnasty69

    wow,the video whore was keeping count.but hey she just as nasty, cause all that time she still was fucking and sucking Kobe off,after all those other whores..What bitches do for WEALTH….

  • Southwestern

    Cube said it best: “Life ain’t nothin but bi$&hes and money”. It takes a smart cat to not allow those bi$&hes to take the money, though.

  • PapiChulo

    fcuk this b!tch , he slept with over 100 women and she just happened to stay for exactly 10 years for easier transition of getting half of hiss money regardless of a prenup or not, fcuk this b!tch but at the same time kobe a lame by marrying this braod he met on a video shoot and not fcuking with real broads, so i its hard to feel sorry for neither one because both knew what ws going on

  • bob

    kobe is an idiot good for his dumb thinking with his dick ass

  • bob

    but then again regardless what happen kobe got more money then me

    • blackandmild


  • Monstadon

    All I got to say about this shit, is Derek Jeter. He’s doing it how it’s supposed to be done.

    You can’t be slaying 100’s of bitches then get mad when ya wife wants half homey…that just don’t make sense…I’ll never agree that any bitch deserves half of anything she didn’t build…but I’m not gonna cry for these dumb niggas that get married, and decide AFTER they tied down, to sow their royal oats. Kobe is a dickhead. This bitch only did what he enabled her to do.


  • damnshame

    life of a basketball star–he’s entitled…Beyotch

  • buddy boy

    Expensive as hell, every woman he screwed cost him one million. Damn that’s some good pu##y

  • antonioduan

    Kobe was getting mad BUTT. I don’t know if i can bang that many women in my lifetime even if i tried.

    • B Strait UP

      LOL @antonioduan,so how many women would u say is a decent amount over a man’s lifetime to smash????

      • jayevans20

        Not 105. That’s why the aids and Hiv rates are high amongst African Americans. All I need is one with a good head and common sense which is hard to find these days.

        • Chi Capitan

          Queso said 105 men is nothing for him. As long as they gentle…

        • prince_kosmic


          That statement you made is absolutely ridiculous. Is this really the reason HIV and AIDS are highest among African Americans? Really? How many Black people do you know personally, who is HIV positive? Not someone you met, but someone you know personally. What about how many women white celebrities and athletes sleep with? Think about bro!!!

    • prince_kosmic

      I hate to say this playa, but 105 is neither too large but not necessarily small either. I think a man who has a decent amount of spit can stumble upon at least 5 sexual episodes a year, IF, IF, you don’t fall for the one woman at a time trip for an entire year like we do as young adults…lol

  • antonioduan

    Kobe was getting mad BUTT. I don’t know if i can bang that many women in my lifetime even if i tried. I wonder how this dudes prostate feel?

  • antonioduan

    @bstraitup i can’t really say what is the decent amount but for an average man like myself it’s hard to bang over a hundred women or even 20 different women. It’s a bunch of work to get into a women panties nowadays.

    • jayevans20

      Amen! I like cooch as mush as the next guy but 105?

      • B Strait UP

        @antonioduan & jayevans, LOL yeah 105 Is extreme but I know a few cats that have passed that # already LOL. @antonioduan, but I kinda have to disagree with u on the 20 different women. If you’ve been dealing with the ladies since highschool really into your adult years…that # can quickly be surpassed LOL. And honestly nowdays I find it easier to smash chicks. It’s overwhelming how women will just give u some just for being a decent dude LOL, A real man I should say. Just for having a steady job,your own crib & vehicle & having a cool personality & being able to have good conversation with women…..they bend right over LOL. Plus factor in the women to men ratio..its really crazy LOL

        • Angry_Man

          Ok, million dollar question. What is the magic number for a woman? Would anyone get with a woman who had 100 diks before you?

          • Antonioduan

            It all depends on the dude size and how well she work her muscles.

        • Antonioduan

          @Bstraitup I have all those things but still have a hard time with women, but we’re all have different experiences and look different in many aspects. Plus i’m only 25. But quick question; are we strictly referencing women that we actually found attractive or are we also including the chicks we just smashed to get over the blue balls?

          • B Strait UP

            @angryman & @antonioduan, @angryman,Naw sir I couldn’t really be with a chick that let a 100 guys smash before me LOL. Now we could hang out and all but nothing serious,she may even be a great woman but that’s waaaay to high for a woman who I call myself being in a serious relationship with…..double standard rules apply LOL. @antonioduan, just the total # of women over a avg man’s lifetime,wuteva chick u have sex with. That’s why I say that 20 ladies is easily surpassed LOL. IF U DON’T SEttle down early I’m sure u will get there….not that It’s a lifelong goal or anything LOL. Even if u holla at only women u find attractive u still should do well. But its all love @antonioduan,good luck out here with these ladies,it will become easier as u understand women more…trust Me!! Just remember **referee voice**”protect yourself at all times”…LOL

          • Chi Capitan

            To me, 5 or so is a good number. But of course many would disagree

          • B Strait UP

            @chi capitan, u sayn 5 lifetime partners for a man or woman??? Or both???

          • Chi Capitan

            Actually both. To be real even 5 is too many

  • 2mques

    They’re lying.

    Back in ’04 when Kobe cheated on his wife with that hoe up in Colorado, most playas were clowning him, because he didn’t handle it the way a playa would. Now this woman’s trying to tell me that this same dude was able to maintain a rotation of silent hoes, living in LA or elsewhere for 10 years…impossible. Women think just because they’re emotional that we’re going to buy their deception. This chick is trying to ruin Kobe’s character as much as possible so she doesn’t look like an opportunistic gold digger like some of those gossip sites are portraying her.



  • http://aol Mook

    Damn! I still trip’in off the number 105?? Imagine that everywhere you go you got a nice dime piece waiting for you after the game! Nevertheless, he should’ve had a ‘prenump.’


    Alway’s been a bonnie and clyde type of dude,so 105 women is excessive to me,but i totally can see any man that’s famous,has the gift of gab, or has money puttin’ up number’s like this,matter of fact,some of my homies are doin’ at least 30 a year easily.

  • brick city kid

    get yo numbers up kobe,,, u slippin i’m at 60

    • Hahz


      • B Strait UP


  • thispersonhere

    wooowwww at some of these comments. smash/take down…women aren’t nothing but numbers and sex objects according to these comments.

    but I guess you can’t blame you guys, it’s mostly the women who allow this kind of treatment. hey if they are gonna give it up, why not take it?


    • Panicky Pete

      But these are the self proclaimed good black men that live to run through women and have no morals. But they get mad when you call a spade a spade??? lol Okay, your spade can be a diamond if you want it to be