Ustream Live @ The Strip Club (Pre-Recorded)

· October 4, 2009

Thick red bone with a donk in the club making it dew what it dew.Propz to DJ JCuemn for sending me the video. There is waaay more eye candy in the strip club forum then on the front page fellas register here.

If you need to stream your strip club live holla @ us.

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Discussion7 Comments

  1. Champ says:

    Nice drop she is stacked

  2. Ice says:

    Ustream is whats up

  3. tommiedc says:

    did they even tip her

  4. gphi says:

    She did her thing. THANKS. PEACE!!!

  5. Truth says:

    I have a new found luv for big booty’s :-)

  6. John says:

    I miss this party..I miss stripclubs

  7. yogesh says:

    i love it

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