The look of Usher’s face says it all, his long-running court custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Foster took a turn for the worst today when the judge told him he was in contempt of court and ordered him to reopen her credit card

The 33-year-old RnB star was ordered to reopen Saks Fifth Avenue credit card which is in his name at Atlanta’s Fulton County court, after he closed the account last year.

Tameka claimed she needs the account to do her job as a stylist, as the closed card was just one of her many grievances in the ongoing custody fight against Usher according to TMZ.

And she won another victory, as her claim that Usher owed her cash for the nanny bill saw her awarded $1,300 today.

However the real meat of the case is yet to be decided, their custody and support issues are yet to be ruled on.

The couple were both giving evidence last week, with Tameka trying to prevent the singer from taking sole custody of their two young sons, while closing arguments were also delivered.

They currently have a co-parenting agreement for four-year-old Usher Raymond V and Naviyd, three, but the Yeah favourite is seeking sole custody, accusing his former spouse of being a bad mother.

According to Fox Atlanta, an attorney representing the vocalist said: ‘We believe the evidence is that Ms Raymond is incapable of being a proper parent to these children.

‘That she does not have the emotional stability or capacity to bond with them, and therefore she is handicapped.’

However the 41-year-old stylist’s attorney Lisa West told the court the pop star is on the road all the time, and cannot rely on the ‘village’ of his mother, grandmother and aunt, who all attended, to keep the children. Read More…

  • DonkRida®

    This is a mess. Gotta watch who you have kids by, epecially with being a celebrity

    • PapiChulo

      TruStory^^^Bra Words to Live by

      On top of it this broad had kids with and dated several NFL Players etc, just like Evelyn with OCHO

  • Should of listened to his mother & stayed w/ Chili. Sometimes a hard head makes a soft behind. Everyone saw this train wreck happening except his silly behind. SMMFH…

    • Yeah I don’t think that chili would’ve done him like this!

      • TheOne

        Chilli. Come on Chilli. Man please. She would be the last chick on earth to date. Believe me, their marriage would have ended the same way. Period!!!!!

  • Eekman

    ‘That she does not have the emotional stability or capacity to bond with them, and therefore she is handicapped.’

    YIKES! Especially after what happened to her other kid.

  • 1luv

    Damn Usher why it had to be you? When they first got married in 08 everyone was saying negative comments on the marriage. I feel like he was blinded in some way.

    Let this be a lesson, watch who you wife and knock up!

    • joe

      It’s easy for us to say what was he thinking retrospectively. I’m sure she did what she needed to in the beginning to lock him up. She aint new to the game. Then she showed her true colors. got STUCK

  • Sohated313

    That shit is CRAZY! She is a grown ass woman, and she can open up her own saks 5th account. WTF???

  • MoorFedayeen

    Looking at that b1tch face makes me wonder wtf this cat saw in this old woman but on the other hand I can’t complain too much cause at least he married a every day black woman. Far as the credit card, I don’t get it. Why is he responsible for it?

    • She got her own bread too, that’s whats puzzling to me. but there might just be some sort of feasible explanation (thought I doubt it).

      • MoorFedayeen

        But look at her. Bread ain’t enough when I’m the most popular pop star in the world. I would of had a Amber Rose on my arm. Plus every body warned him about this broad.

  • jamar

    She look sheisty as hell in that pic…it seams like the worst women can smell that money,and know exactlty what to do to phuck a dudes head up…cant be thinkin wit your little head.

  • joe

    she wouldn’t steal from 7 eleven NOW!!! DUH!!! You got Usher’s money to spend up!!. Pray to god he gets custody. And her head is literally humONGOUS!!. Eww at this vain female. “Usher refuse to pray for son who was on life support”-I refuse to believe that statement, though it’s irrelevant anyway.

  • Sw618

    Just because a chick ugly don’t mean she humble. Stay away from these broads, they have gone insane.

  • Jamez

    im mad FOR him. but i think ush is the type that when he finds love, it blinds him…which makes him human. stories like these make u wanna put a hit out on the broad

  • damnshame

    this dude dumps his wife for her bestfriend-then brings her ova to the house to get his kids, he manages Justin Bieber and breaking records his-self surely he has enough money for a measly Saks card is not too much to ask.

    • JOE

      Wow! hes has his OWN money. Once the marriage is no longer going down, no one else should be trying to lay claim to HIS money. Obviously he’s taking care of the kids. He shouldn’t have to continue piggybacking their mother, also.

      • presto 2.0

        it doesnt work like that….sorry

        people think marriage is a joke…when you ready to call it quits…you cant jus pickup what you came in with and bounce…folks should pay attention to the vows…and not “hype” of a wedding….”a man owes the woman he chose a lil sumthin-sumthin…if he wants to bounce”…so choose wisely if at all…jus me

        bigup to Usher Raymond for fighting for his kids…but more than likely a judge not gonna take kids from the mom…unless bad parenting can be proven undeniably…but bigup for the effort regardless!


    the 1st picture tells the whole story.

  • izi

    rich + mariage = stupid (from france)

  • The Man


    – He should’ve married that tall, fine ass model he used to date but dumped. she would’ve treated his little ass like a king.

  • matt smith

    woman need to start getting her own money unless y’all married and happy and she taking care kids wonder if her other baby daddy pay child support

  • RC

    For all this trouble he should of gotten a known gold digger.