Uriah Hall Delivered One of the Most Violent UFC Knock Outs Ever

· February 6, 2013


After the most violent televised knockout in combat sports history, Uriah Hall’s overriding emotion was fear.

He was fearful he may have killed Adam Cella with the spinning back kick knockout that was broadcast Tuesday on FX on Episode 3 of Season 17 of the reality series “The Ultimate Fighter.”

He was fearful, at least for a moment, that the violence he had unleashed upon Cella would get him arrested.

The celebration that usually accompanies a big knockout on an episode of TUF was noticeably absent. Jaws dropped around the gym as fighters and observers feared for Cella’s well-being. Watch below and see for your self how things unfolded.

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Discussion7 Comments

  1. jamar says:

    DAMN…now thats how you say goodnight.

  2. judge joe brown says:

    Nawe nigg@ thats not even close to a clean KO …that ish is my jaw fcuked up and niw i cant brearh right nasal strips ad…

  3. Tim says:

    I have not watched UFC in a while, but I might check dude out.

  4. don_mayor says:

    you can condone cock fight (mma) and have still maintain your morals…..

  5. Von P says:

    that shyt was 2 cold I stay watching UFC

  6. bighomie53 says:


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