A major union has severed all ties with the United Negro College Fund following the group’s recent acceptance of a $25 million grant from controversial industrialist brothers, Charles and David Koch, according to The Wire.

In a statement, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) announced that they are ending their paid internship program with the UNCF.

Under the terms of the Koch grant, the $25 million is to be applied towards the funding of historically black colleges, student loan assistance, and the creation of a “Koch Scholars” program,

in which the two brothers will hold two of the five votes over which students receive scholarships.

AFSCME President Lee Saunders called the acceptance of the grant, “deeply hostile to the rights and dignity of public employees, but also a profound betrayal of the ideals of the civil rights movement.”

In his statement, Saunders said that he was initially “deeply troubled” when the organization accepted the Koch donation, believing that the UNCF didn’t support the views of the Koch brothers who are considered to be virulently anti-union. The move to sever ties with the organization came after UNCF President Michael Lomax spoke at Koch-hosted summit in June..

“This is a betrayal of everything the UNCF stands for,” Saunders stated. “Your appearance at the summit can only be interpreted as a sign of your personal support and the UNCF’s organizational support of the Koch brothers’ ideological program.”

Also speaking at the summit was Charles Murray, a conservative political scientist most notable for his controversial book, The Bell Curve, accused of using pseudoscience to imply that African-Americans and Hispanics are genetically inferior.

The discontinued AFSCME program allowed African-American sophomores and juniors to intern with the union, receiving a $4,000 stipend plus a $5,000 scholarship. Source

  • jayevans20

    I remember trying to a scholarship from this when I was in college and couldn’t do it. Now I’m hearing this? If the good Lord bless me with money, I’ll give to charities but non of them will be UNCF. No way in hell!

  • MoorThugRelated

    Most n1ggas can’t even comprehend this. S/o to ANS for featuring this story. It’s a gotdamn shame. Our enemies are far closer to us then we can imagine.

    • Hahz

      The bigger picture is we don’t give back to our schools like other races . If we did they wouldn’t be in debt and in a position to have to take this money.

      • GTA

        very very true

      • lazarus

        +100 @commish

  • Renaissance Man

    The Democratic Party have always been the enemy of Black people via their plantation mentality and Republicans have always been sympathetic to the plight of Black education. From the formation of hbcus by Repubs, through Ronald Reagan committing millions to preserving institutions such as meharry to this commitment opening the doors of opportunity should be judged the merits of one’s actions

    If 25M in funding opens the doors for more scientists, engineers, doctors and accountants how could this ever be a bad thing? With the current administration being apathetic to rising tuition costs and a lowering trajectory of traditional funding sources, I think this is right on time

    • MoorThugRelated

      U lost ALL credibility when u mentioned Ronald Reagan as being anyway shape or form sympathetic to blacks. Dems are our enemy but few know it. Repubs represent the big business that comes into black communities conducts themselves as they please then leaves. We’re blocked on both sides. It’s no wonder we have the issues we do. Name another ethnicity that continues to be a target like us.

      • naledgestate

        Moor one them Ron and Rand Paul dick riders.

        Them fools would vote against the 1964 Civil Rights Act if they had a chance.

        You act like you know, but you dont know sh*t about who the “real” enemies are.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        We are targeted because many of us view things based in symbolism and not of substance. We will remain ignorant because many of us do not want to do research and evaluate logically. If we were to vary our voting patterns we as a race could build leverage. We choose to do the opposite we are like a cheap date. You can do literally nothing in the black community and they will vote Democrat 95 to 98% of the time. Why, symbolism, Lyndon Johnson did not want to sign the civil rights act of 1964. He
        Signed it because it was politically expedient and he was gonna have niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.

        • BzB

          that’s so lame to bring up the cra and tie those comments to blacks voting democrat.

          what was the alternative? blacks voting for the old democrats who switched to the republican party since the republicans were supporting jim crow, limitation of voting rights and repeal of the cra???????

          you guys talk a lot sh1t but don’t talk about the alternatives. how about talking about what the options were at the time and addressing that? don’t sit there and act like there were better options than voting the party who supported expansion of minority rights.

      • MoorThugRelated

        Nah I don’t fuq with Rand Paul just like a lot of what RON Paul said. Ain’t noooonody talkin about getting rid of the FED which is our enemy #1. They put Obama in so of course he wouldn’t even acknowledge that question if I asked him…prob drone strike me if anything. He’s done it to other Americans without a trial.

    • BzB

      lol @ republicans being sympathetic to black people. on what bizarro world do you live on? they clearly stated in the last election that they’ve abandoned black people’s issues in their platform.

      in metro atl the republicans don’t give a sh1t about the people in clayton with no public transportation or the school districts south of city with sub par schools and funding. but they’re sympathetic to blacks? foh

      • MoorThugRelated

        +1 Right. But the n1gga #dead azz said Reagan wanted to help blacks. That’s so blasphemous I could have died.

        • Renaissance Man

          A quick Google search substantiates everything I typed. During the Reagan years enrollment at hbcus soared.


          when meharry was in jeopardy of losing its accreditation, reagan directed $56 million in emergency funding.

          On the flip side, a Black President let’s Black Colleges fold and toughens student loan requirements on the heels of the great recession.

          Perception vs Reality

          • BzB

            one self serving example doesn’t amount to republicans always being sympathetic to the plight of black folks. care to look into the economic plight of black folks in the crack era overseen by reagan and bush? or how well minorities fair in red states where republicans are the governors? your argument is trash and not backed up with facts.

            that said, blacks and minorities shouldn’t blindly vote for dems or anybody. we need to pressure any politician to keep our issues in the mix if they want our support. right now the dems are doing that better than the republicans even if it’s only by a small margin.

  • bobevil

    This is like getting funded by Cecil Rhodes. The state of black people in the world is abysmal.

    • MoorThugRelated

      Scariest part about it you wonder what are they getting in return

  • Renaissance Man


    Where are your facts? I draw conclusions on empirical data. And it’s indisputable. Black college enrollment under reagan grew by 30 percent. At the same time white college enrollment grew 6 percent. Any credible source credits reagan’s hbcu initiative as the catalyst. Under obama, it’s just north of 15 percent.

    “right now the dems are doing that better than the republicans even if it’s only by a small margin.”

    Record unemployment, underemployment, record number on food stamps and crisis levels in high school dropout rates all while voting Democratic the last 40 years. I guess that can only be seen as progress from a liberal perspective

    political chumps is what Malcolm called blacks voting dem. Sadly, the same quote applies 40+ years later

    • naledgestate

      Dont be an idiot.

      He’s the f**king President not a monarch or king. Wasnt Reagan the guy who militarized the war on drugs and wildy increased the incaceration of all minorities in prison? Wasnt he the guy who pushed for harsh federal minimums on non-violent crime?

      Lee Atwater was one of Reagan’s advisor’s and the architect of the Southern Strategy. The guy who said: “You start in 1954, by saying nigger, nigger, nigger, that hurts you, backfires. So, you say stuff like forced busing, state’s rights……”

      You guys play both sides of the fence and are constantly criticzing the president for not doing enough, but are the first bitch and cliam executive overreach.

      Motherf**kers lose all credibility when they put “Reagan,” ” help” and “blacks” in the same sentence.

      • Renaissance Man

        Nadlesgate you seem to be pretty passionate in your defense of Obama. Yet you offer nothing tangible he’s done. Your over simplification suggests one party loves Black people but their hands are tied while the other hates them and their legislation supports their mandate. PLEASE PROVIDENCE EVIDENCE.

        So I guess a 40 percent increase in the number of Black businesses and 30 percent increase in Blacks enrolled in college under Reagan are statistical anomalies.

        We won’t let facts get in the way of hope and change. Whatever that means

        • BzB

          @ren your theory that reagan’s involvement directly relates to increase in black college enrollment ignores a bunch of economic and other factors relevant to the time frame.

          it could actually be argued black college enrollment would be higher if the reagan admin didn’t start cutting budgets. other restrictions and limitations were put in place too.

          you dudes think this information isn’t out there, but it’s easier just to stick to what you’ve heard from others than look for yourself. what a shame.

        • naledgestate

          Passionate in defending Obama? You mean the guy who has executed Americans oversees without due process. The guy who has a bunch of former wall street fat cats throughout his administration? The surveillance state has grown more under Obama, and he has done nothing to address money in politics. He didnt even try to campaign for a public option in regards to the ACA. I could on about my gripes with the President, but see thats the thing, I can step back and criticize Obama, but can you do the same for your god, Reagan?

          Jimmy Carter directed the black college initiative via executive order to increase funding to HBCU’s throughout the nation and many blacks started reaping the fruits of the Civil Rights Act 16 years before Reagan took office which Reagan oppossed, but lets ignore that blacks were once 2nd class citizens prior to 64′ because all that that was deemed irrelavent once the gipper got into office.

          Reagan opposed any federal law that aided minorities, and thats a fact and did not pass any legislation doing so. That golden generation of motivated blacks who still had momemtum from the 60’s put themselves through college and rose out of poverty with the aid of intiatives like the “great society” and additional funding to hbcu’s by Carter.

          Reagan did not do sh*t for blacks which was part of platform and everyone knew he wouldnt based on his civil rights record. Reagan has f**ked this country in more ways than one. F**k Rolnald Reagan.

    • BzB

      @renaissance…i’m telling you right now you don’t know what the he11 your’re talking about. attributing college enrollment to who’s in office is the same as saying gas prices are directly related to who’s in office. you’re not as smart as you think you are if you believe that to be true.

      as for unemployment, food stamps, recession….do you even know who oversaw the most deregulation of the banking industries in the past 20 years and how that impacted the recession? do you know who shut down the gov which further damaged the us economy, credit ratings and also led to many benefits being put on hold?

      lol i feel like i’m arguing with someone getting their facts directly off foxnews.com. you really have no clue do you?

      malcolm shabazz made comments that were relevant during his time frame. trying to take those same comments and apply them to a completely different era with very different political repercussions is very short sighted and intellectually dishonest.

      i’m not all high and mighty on obama, but i am a realist when it comes to black people’s political affiliations and what helps our communities the most. you guys are using half baked facts.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    @Rman, there are many in the black community that want to remain willfully ignorant. If you were to look at the areas with the worst schools, police issues, fire department, and infrastructure they would be areas run by the Democrats. We as black people have not made any leverage for ourselves, many of us vote for Democrats in the hope of getting something. When a Republican does get into office the offer very little to black people, because black people for for Democrats blindly. This immigration issue will hopefully wake up some black folks, because there are not placing these Latino people in those well to do upper crust liberal areas. There are being shipped into the poor primarily black neighborhoods.

    • naledgestate

      So the illegal immigrants are personally being shipped via federal convoy to inner cities?

      Or is it the other way around. Is it not fact that this adminstration has deported more illegals than Bush?

      Is it not true the Bush signed a law requiring illegals to be seen by an immigration judge before being repatriated?

      Slowly try and wean yourself off of Fox News. It can be done.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        So you are saying that this immigration crisis is not Obama’s fault. Why are newspapers and publications informing these people on how they can come to the U.S. and stay. Why did Eric Holder sue the Governor of Arizona because she is enforcing the immigration laws on the books? Why are the people being forced on the taxpayers and not sent back? This is a back door way to get immigration done. If the kids come over, the parents come afterwards and they all stay in this country.

        • naledgestate

          First of all, Eric Holder sued the state of Arizona for violating laws “on the books” that “may not consider race, color or national origin” in seeking to determine immigration status, which is a law that prevents undue duress from unreasonable merits.

          Second, the current administration, again, has deported more illegals than Bush, and is handcuffed by the House in expediating the process.

          The president has requested an additional 3.7 billion dollars to address the humanitarian crisisis at the border, but Bohner probably won’t bring it to a vote unless he unreasonably gets some concession regarding the ACA or some sh*t.

          Dellusioned, misinformed or both you are regarding the issues, and underinformed on the civics of this nation.

          • Voice_of_Reason

            We got a humanitarian crisis right here is the United States with our own people in the cities that I listed. Why don’t we take care of our hungry kids, jobless black youth, our crime riddened streets, our failing schools, our under served veterans. We need to take care of our people first. Charity starts at home!!!!

          • Voice_of_Reason

            @naledgestate, where do you live because it must be a Utopian society, where all of the Obama policies work as advertised, and you can always blame someone else if it fails. What state do you live in because it has to be better than Virginia where I live.

      • Voice_of_Reason

        The Fox News jab was light and juvenile at best. You may want to evaluate your surroundings and logically view what is going on as an attempt by the Democratic party to advance its voter stock. Have you noticed the democratic party does not cater to black people, or trumpet any issues within the black community. They want to get the Latino vote because they are a growing population. Just as Johnson did with black people Obama is doing the same with Latinos. It’s like fishing keep the ones that you want and throw what you do not want back.

        • naledgestate

          Fox News jab was juvenile but not repudiated, so I’ll leave at that.

          I dont look at the platform of a party and ask myself- I like their policy regarding taxes, but I wonder how they like blacks? I would like to think that my thinking process is beyond is more evolved than that.

          Meanwhile 95% of the wealth from the stock market goes to the the richest 1%, and the American dream is turning into the Canadian dream while you’re fascinated with the shiney thing- us vs them.

        • naledgestate

          I agree that more action has to be taken on the home-front, but we cant keep kicking this immigration “can” down the road.

          A 2 thound mile fence at the sounthern border would cost hundreds of billions of dollars and the cost-benefit analysis of such an enourmous undertaking is too much cost compared to negligible benefit when compared relatively.

          Who wouldn’t want our borders to be more secure while being friendily to immmigrants who want to contribute to this country. Some where a cost effective solution has to be enacted to the immigration issue while addressing the crisis that is taking place on the border.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    I have an open question to anyone on this thread. If Democrats love us black people so much why is it that cities like Oakland, LA, Saint Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Miami, New Orleans, Washington DC, and Atlanta to name a few are all in disarray, crime ridden, bad schools, and getting worse by the day and year? These are the supposed good folk that car so much about black people right?

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Sorry about the typo’s on both posts.

  • Renaissance Man


    I would be interested to see responses as well. I’ll start by saying I would’ve loved to have seen meaningful legislation and resources committed to addressing joblessness in former American manufacturing hubs.

    Offering companies tax credits, economic grants etc to invest in jobs Detroit, Cleveland, St Louis, LA among other urban centers you mentioned is legislation that both party could get behind. Increasing the number of Black people on food stamps and speaking to token “my brothers keeper” initiatives, that will never pass, won’t ever build strong families

    As a whole, we should at least agree we need to vet both parties on the same in terms of their mandates. It’s laughable the organization that’s falsely labeled racist in this article is giving more and doesn’t have the same stipulations as the all-inclusive love everybody Democrat organization

    • Voice_of_Reason

      @RMan, you are correct and I too cannot wait to see the responses. I can bet there will be two things done and said. One is that there will be accusations that we are white, because all black people are supposed to the think alike. Second is that we will be sellouts or uncle Tom’s because we are not for the black cause. I have been black for 45 years 6 months and 4 days 8 hours from East Saint Louis, Illinois and I have yet to get my memo or instructions on the black cause and what we as a people are doing to support the cause.

  • MGC InfaRED

    Can’t believe we got somebody in here praising Ronald Reagan smh

    • naledgestate

      He’s still waiting for the trickle down. While the rich sit on their capital and make 30%.


  • numbers

    Ban Voice of reason! Please…i think its really Sean Hannity

    • Renaissance Man

      @ Numbers

      Men should always be able to discuss politics as it governs everything. Typically women will let emotions and name calling govern arguments. Any real black man knows he can’t question another man’s righteousness

      Part of what ails our race is Group Think. For gays to only account for 3 percent of the population, their targeted efforts make their issues front and center. Obama continually champions their issues along with those of women as if Black people didn’t tilt elections in Fl, VA, OH, Colorado

      • Voice_of_Reason

        @RMan, yes Group Think is a killer for us. We do not participate in Group Unity/Cohesion and most of all we do not participate in Group Economics. You have dudes on ANS hating the man, but none of them are trying to be the man!

    • Voice_of_Reason

      @Numbers, no I am not Sean Hannity. I actually cannot stand his ass!!!!! But you are a totally ridiculous for even bringing that up!!!!! I have been on here since Hahz was giving away bottles of Patron clown. I can tell that you were raised without a solid male role model because you chosen not to even attempt to deconstruct any of my arguments or challenge me in a debate. Men agree to disagree and share their opinions. You on the other hand would try to ban me because you cannot get with me on any of those subjects!!!! So fall back and wait for a model post, because you are not ready for this thread.