Listen to what Uncle Ruckus, a crazed and cruel racist with bizarre speech patterns and a crazy eye, thought about the Grammy Awards. Donate towards the Uncle Ruckus kickstarter movie fund here.

  • Tim

    Boondocks sort of pigeon holed this actor into playing this character. With several years passing now with no sign of the show coming back, I guess this is how he will keep this character relevant. But the truth is I have met people who are talking more like him since the President has been in office.

    The Boondocks has all kinds of material to work off of, why not continue it.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Naw he can find other work as a voice but maybe he was playing when he said he wanted to actually do a movie with this character like SNL has done in the past. It wouldn’t work. Sounds great on paper but no.

      Far as the Obama trashing by blacks, n1ggas pissed. Its been 5 years with nothing and on top of that the fuq n1gga is letting Diane Frankenstein spearhead a weapons ban and gun registration attempt. Our freedom literally is under attack. W/o the 2nd amendment all the others mean nothing because they can’t be enforced by us. Whether you black, white, Conserve or Lib, that sh1t aint cool at all. Its fuq that n1gga to the tenth power now and all my n1ggas agree with me like I told ’em they would in “08”.

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    • Camaro434

      Would you please just use correct English? Damn.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Couldn’t make out much of anything either. ‘No Child Left Behind” It did a number on us Camara as we clearly see. Smh

      • malleg’z

        Probably some white kid thinking he’s funny

  • tyuaza

    @Camaro434 he can’t he’s illiterate

    • 1luv

      Thinking the same thing with the words. Hard for me to read that.