UK Rapper Noni Zondi Is Motherland Thick (Pics + Video)

· September 17, 2011

Thick female rappers are on the rise thanks to the help of Nicki Minaj check out Noni Zondi who is thicker then them all..

Rapper, singer, dancer and model Noni Zondi, questioned to be the UK‟s next Lil‟ Kim will be making waves across the UK and international music scene‟. South African born UK based artist Noni Zondi’s musicality has been influenced by talents such as Salt n Pepper, Adina Howard, Notorious B.I.G. and renowned South African Artist, Ihasi Elimhlophe.


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  1. snizzle says:

    suppppa thick!!!

  2. T-Fleezee says:

    Gawd Damn!!!! Baby Slugging 2 hard!! Oh by the way this post is sponsored by teamchocolate!!

  3. Mitchrapp says:

    Sounds okay. Is it me or could she stand to lose a few? Just sayin’

  4. S.W.ATL.MADE says:

    damn…i watched this hold video to the end just for a backshot i guess i kinda got one….that shouldve been the focal point of the video….she thick as hell and her shit real ….i could even look over her wig because she so thick

  5. SCOOTYBLACK says:


  6. LouieV says:

    The talent is in the ass

    • moorfedayeen says:

      My nigga I put that sh*t on mute and watched the vid. Trying to tell cats, thick Americans can’t touch African thick. She more thighs then ass though but I love it. Kinda dissapointig to see how loose she is, or claims to be though but hey. Nicky Minaj’s succes has too may woman following in her footsteps.

  7. gphi says:

    She’s too thick for me, & I LOVE thick women, but DAMN!!! PEACE!!!

  8. @ATLAUTOSPORT says:

    Always a good thing to see good looking chicks from other countries.. Not just here in the U.S.!!!

  9. pimptyght says:

    Damn, a ghetto azz brit. If you gone go hooodrat, then this is the way to go!!!! Ghetto with an accent…lmao. Finest Chick in the game easily.

  10. Sweeps says:

    Good GOD she is DONKEY KONG PHAT!!!!! Thats a dick breakin ass!!!!!!

  11. gogi says:

    omg NO HOMO but even I had to say DAAAAAMMMM! shoot there might be a lil

  12. Legacy says:

    Jesus Christ….

  13. B STRAIT UP says:

    Damn!! This my new favorite rapper,thicker than trina and nicki minaj!!

  14. true blackman says:


  15. What the fuck.................................. says:

    Where the fuck did this BlackAfricanSupremeNubianGoddess come from? The fuck does she eat over there in the UK.

    Beyonce Rhianna Buffie Pinky Nicki Lil Kim Foxy got blown away by this chick!

    Making me sweat in a 65F apartment.

  16. downbydariver says:

    thick as a boulder shakin dem big ox legs 2…smh…….

  17. Cold and Hot says:

    Finally a chick with a real body and the legs to match, Nicki Minaj fake ass chicken leg ass body ain’t real. Chick’s overseas better anyway, less bull to deal with.

  18. ReEsYcUp31 says:

    That 4th pic is unreal!!! She must be a centaur. Part human part horse. LOL!!!

  19. ReEsYcUp31 says:

    I meant the 3rd pic.

  20. jpari says:

    she her face is ok but her BODY IS OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN
    i will say in africa that body comes a dime a dozen those women got some crazy bodies!!!!!!!

    • BIG TOO says:

      good lookin’ out,that video definitely showed more of her backside

    • pimptyght says:

      Co-sign that fo sho. Sistas over here are tighter than most other women in the world, physically, before they get too lazy to cook and eat too many lemon pepper wings and fries on the weekends and Mickey D’s during the week.

      • moorfedayeen says:

        You wanna know why Pimp. For one, many of these girls are fresh outta Africa and Africans over in Europe don’t eat the trash we eat over here. Ghetto snacks like ramen noodles and other coon treats that are high in fat & sodium, they don’t have. What is Soul Food to them. They still have their culture so they eat right-we don’t

  21. stupidass says:

    the killing part the broad can rap.

    and I give her props she is bad

  22. brickcity kid says:

    THud!!!!..oh ..sorry ..I just passed out on the floor…YOOOO!!! those pics are reTHICKulous…I gotta get to the U.K…or South Africa where they manufacture these types on a daily .

  23. Vinny Vegas says:


  24. mr.portcity says:

    I’m in…uk has sum southern style chicks…that thick with a flat stomach is rare..I don’t care if she rap

  25. southwest says:

    Super smash.

  26. G 26's says:

    dummy thick Ill hit

  27. slap doot says:

    she thicka than some Hormel Chilli…..

  28. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    The baddest chick from the UK!!!

  29. joecruz says:

    pause at 3:04 = hips!

  30. One Slug Management says:

    Wowzers!! She damn near perfect.

  31. TYBO2020 says:


  32. luv's em thick says:

    DAMN she thick!!!!

  33. tony 219 says:

    Got Damn thicka than a sneakers to the AMERICAN girls if your ass is phat but your legs dont match you fake than three dolla bill. This chick right here is the truth got damn she african thick man i think michelle tucker need to take that african tatoo of her ass and give to this chick she is Africa. Take me to the mother land now i am ready Marcus Garvey was right we should left long time ago.

  34. Jungleboy says:

    Not too sure I’d have bought her record for the rap skills but Dayuuummm would I hit dat! Errry day, errry way!

  35. Omega O says:

    our break her off

  36. nomadlozi Khambule says:

    she talented,confident and intelligent. She uses her african beutiful body given by God to her best ability.

  37. Simbarashe says:

    Shes the bomb,i want her…..

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