On the UCF campus in Orlando,Florida 30-yr-old James Oliver Seevakumaran has heavily armed with a plan to take out as many people that he could in the middle of night when students least expected.

Police reported that  Seevakumaran intentionally pulled the schools fire alarm inside one of the dorms waiting for students to make their way outside as he would gun each one down one b one as they crossed his path.The 30 year old was heavily armed carrying two guns with hundreds of rounds of ammo, and a backpack filled with explosives all in which he intended to use against other students on campus. His plan however was quickly derailed when campus police responded quickly to the fire alarm and the call from the roommate of Seevakumaran who hid inside the bathroom after Seevakumaran pulled a gun on him. Police Chief of UCF Richard Beary said:

“It could have been a very bad day here for everybody. All things considered, I think we were very blessed here at the University of Central Florida,” Beary said. “One shooting is bad enough. Multiples would have been unthinkable. So, anybody armed with this type of weapon and ammunition could have hurt a lot of people here, particularly in a crowded area as people were evacuating.”

“The kid’s bringing huge explosives in his room. So yeah, it could have been a lot worse,” 19-year-old UCF sopho**re Anthony Giamanco said shortly after arriving on campus Monday morning.

Over 500 students had evacuated the door after the alarms sounded off dodging a situation that could of turned deadly and similar to other school shooting Virginia Tech. James Oliver Seevakumaran took his life by shooting himself in the head just as officers arrived.

  • Mister Mister

    Damn @ being 30 years on a college campus….glad the coward took his own life without taking innocent others with him

    • LOL @ Mister….30 and on Campus! At least no one got hurt! What’s wrong with these jack asses!!!