Former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu plans to announce Thursday he is entering the next NFL draft, a source close to the player said.

Mathieu, known as the “Honey Badger,” was a Heisman Trophy finalist known for his knack for making plays last year. But the 20-year-old Mathieu was suspended for this season due to a substance abuse issue he has continued to work on.

He was arrested last month on a possession of marijuana charge.

He was dismissed from the football team in August for failing a drug test, and entered a treatment program run by former NBA player John Lucas according ESPN.

Instead of transferring to another lower-division school to play this season, Mathieu re-enrolled at LSU but is not playing football.

  • BzB

    he has no choice. he’ll be lucky to get drafted at all. cats throwing away their future over lack of self control.

    • desolation

      you right but dude did too well when he was playin. not to sound like a fool, but it wasnt like he was doing coke or meth. if teams with shitty defense dont even look in his direction, they’re stupid.

      • BzB

        he has talent, but he also has a lot of problems. what’s the point in wasting a draft pick on a player that always going to have off the field problems getting him suspended and/or arrested and preventing him from playing?

        he might be more likely to get signed for a minimum contract after the combines and then get a better contract if he proves he can stay out of trouble…

        • desolation

          Idk know about the sucky contract bruh. His draft stock might take a hit though. However, he’s no different than a proven injured vet who back in his day was doing work like no other on the field. shoot ask the 49ers why they got Moss back ? better yet ask why the falcons didnt even suspend turner for that DUI ? It’s simple b/c they know those cats can play and are too valuable to lose out on. the nfl cant pass on a dude like this, production usually outranks problems as far as athletes are concerned.

        • NoWhiteINmyCup

          @BzB agree , The NFL aint just about talent no more, if you got a bad rapsheet , then you are as good as being blackballed

          Vicks lil brother was once projected as being a better and faster prospect QB but after a string of incidents he barely got a shot to even prove himself on pro level.

          To the NFL talent is replaceable because it deminishes but Character/class will last long after talent is gone.

  • HONEY BADGER NICCAS! if i could see in the future,at best he’s a third round pick since he ain’t played in a while.

  • DCAssLuva

    he will suck in the league he is great at punt returning more than anything the broadcasters be saying that he is an average corner reminds me of pac man jones on the field

  • ginoBrown

    I believe he will get drafted cause he is entirely 2 talented/athletically gifted for a team not 2 take a chance on him…and he can be a great contributor 2 a franchise if he gets his sh*t together and stays out of trouble, I think someone like Tony Dungy or Herm Edwards would be a great mentor for him.

  • lazarus

    4th or 5th round pick at best. Technique needs a lotta work. need to work on awarewness and hip movement, also needs to be able to track the ball in the air better. He will make his mark on Special teams in the show tho.

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    Dumb fool needs to let go of the weed and stay the fcuk out of trouble, making it in the NFL is the least of his problems, Everbody in the NFL can play and has talent, the hardest thing for rookies is the treatment they recieve when they enter the playing field. Most Vets cant wait to rock or Juke a rookie silly to expose them. Cam newton learning the hardway this year that all of that flash is not so good, play the game and shut up