Tyga’s New Face Tattoo

· August 4, 2012

Last night Tyga uploaded this flick to his Instagram of his latest tattoo art work. He wrote

”Fuck it #YoLo.”

Along side of the picture.

The tattoo became a trending topic on Twitter, with his fans debating whether or not it was real or fake. He was spotted at Universal Studios earlier in the day without the tattoo on his face.

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Discussion11 Comments

  1. Ricky Fontane says:

    Maaan GTFOH!

  2. queso BP.1 says:

    Hey we seen it coming!

  3. What the…. Man that’s there for life got damn!

  4. Moor TC. Carnage says:

    I doubt it. That sh1t don’t even go with his swag.

  5. PapiChulo says:


    might be a fake but then again he would look like a bigger joke if he was joking, either way not suprised , he impregnated and wifed a stripper ………case closed

  6. 20/20 says:

    Lol the second I saw it I said thats fake I agree withe papichulo that he does look like a clown either way leave the attention seeking to the women

  7. Jenkins says:

    yh You only live once but for the rest of your single life u gotta look like a jackass

  8. Now Thats Pcp says:

    Thats how some tribes did it in africa so maybe he got it to represent his roots

  9. bakebean says:

    he’s a clown . blank .

  10. IceCold06 says:

    dumbass niggarah

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