Tyga responds to Lil Durk who recently dissed him on a freestyle over “Chiraq”.The Game fires some shots at 40 Glocc. COT DAMN!

  • Peanut

    “durk who? Durk Nowitzski?” :dead:

    game bodied this shyt

  • Ace

    “Dis aint whaaat they waaaaaaaant”

  • Mo

    keep the beef on wax Chi vs LA

    LA-1 CHI-0

    lets go!!!!!

    • MoorThugRelated

      But knowing them lil Chi Niggas they gone drill sh1t and I respect that.

  • Greg4422

    all them niggas wack

    • Big ALbert

      I agree.

  • Reme

    Nikkas won’t be able to eat in cali no more..Which rapper do yall expect to get shot first?

  • kshazzzz

    These nikkas really think they gonna shyt on just one chi nikka and not catch fade from all these nikkas? This is what that city needed. These nikkas have no civilians no fair ones no 50/50 these nikkas gonna kidnap these rap nikkas babies lol watch

  • 757 MaYne

    yo i fux with Game on this, standing up for LA..yall cant lie Game MuRkeD! Dis niga!

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Game had/has no business in this beef

    He caught a body for no apparent reason

  • truthteller

    That mystical type flow game was doing was actually tight soundin…..Wes wes yall


    Maan as far as RAPPING and MUSICALLY and DISSING, THE GAME is on another LEVEL when It comes to creativity and RYMING LOL! HE single handedly KILLED the entire G-UNIT by himself with 300 BARS, I mean HE ILL with that TYPE of MUSIC and he ALWAYS has been. As far as the ACTUAL streets GAME is a REAL ONE but TYGA well I dont think he gone actually BUSS A GRAPE but he does run with SOME REAL DUDES WHO MIGHT but he CAN SPIT and he has improved. NOW Lil Durk I dont really even look at him and 90% of the CHICAGO rappers as REAL ARTISTS but they do rap and its MOSTLY all the same type of MUSIC SHOOT EM UP BANG BANG I HIT yo BI*** I got BANDS A B C type RHYMING over and over and over again. If this was a RAP BATTLE which is what ITS SUPPOSED to BE Lil Durk or whatever CHICAGO rapper MIGHT as well START SHOOTING cause they cant COMPETE with GAME when it comes to rapping especially BATTLE RAPPING lol. COMPLETELY 2 different LEVELS …..just saying but i could care less!