TMZ uncovered some unaired footage of Tyga on a game show back in 2008 talking about how he was living before the rap game.

The show was called “Bustas” where wannabe-rappers compete against each other to see who can embody ugly rap stereotypes the best playing borderline-offensive games like “Guess the Rapper By His Grill” and “Is This a Real Rolex?”

Tyga appeared on the show and immediately sacrificed any semblance of street cred in the process claiming he grew up in a well-to-do household in the Valley, and his parents drove a Range Rover. But Tyga who has since claimed he grew up in Compton insisted, “I’m still street.”

The highlight: “Bustas” culminates with a freestyle rap, in which the contestants are asked to incorporate buzz words like “amoeba” into their raps, and Tyga’s so bad he gets his ass boo’d off stage. (For the record, Tyga does not know how to pronounce the word “amoeba”)

  • jamar

    dude looks extra soft regardless how he came up.

  • Zone4

    As if anybody ever really believed tyga was hood.its obvious he grew up in the suburbs.look at the way he dress,talk & act.its nothing wrong with growing up rich.I just don’t like when people lie about it & be fake.

    • seemoregan

      Yeah but all you n*ggas like Officer Ricky.

      • MoorFedayeen

        I agree seemore, the whole rap game is messed up which is why so many cats my age don’t listen to it much. Youngsters don’t know the difference because they weren’t around.

    • Fresh718

      “Look at the way he talks and dress”

      So you gotta look and talk a certain way to be from somewhere? That has to be one of the most stupidest and ignorant statements I’ve ever heard.I lived in Bedstuy all my life and I know plenty of people who aren’t ghetto as fvck and talk with a 8th grade education

      • Jamez

        not as stupidest as that WORD. the point he was trying make was people who FRONT and ACT like something theyre not are fakes and should be exposed. hes not saying just cause youre from the hood that means you gotta act the stereotype. but i do think that people in hiphop wont respect you if you had a good upbringing

  • Solo

    Malibu’s most wanted. Lol

  • 843geecheman

    this was no surprise

    • 843geechieman

      maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan i commented before i watched the clip that was f*^king awful. He shoulda had wayne and birdman have this footage sealed in a vault somewhere

  • Solo G

    all i know is tyga get love from real hoovas

    • NoWhiteINmyCup

      What da fCUK does him getting love from HOOVAS have to do with this article?

  • Solo G

    and this show is clearly a joke smh u guys

  • Truthteller

    So what if he grow up in luxury his momma worked
    hard to make sure he didn’t grow up in the hood
    Like she did in LA I kno Tyga’s famlay personal most of them
    are hoovas out here LA so it’s good he didn’t end up GANGBANGIN
    Like we did cause LA is real black men get smoked Eva
    day cuhhz but best believe his famlay skools cuhhz on wats
    goin on that’s why he talks about it in his music.

  • Fresh718

    Have y’all ever thought perhaps that he LIVED in compton and then moved once his family got rich…His cousin is the lead singer of Gym class heroes.If we gonna use the truth lets use the WHOLE entire truth.Thats why I don’t like tmz or media takeout,They use half the truth to people look bad smh.

  • RC

    confessed what? aint nothing hood about him

  • BzB

    cats ain’t really defending tyga are they? and who needs gameshow footage to figure out he ain’t bout dat lyfe? not like he’s in video’s tossin up gang signs and talkin bout bussin his guns.

    at the end of the day he baby mama’d a stripper with a terrible azz job. what else is there so say?

    • hahaha but it’s his life,just know that. not really big on tyga music but he nice with the flow. him having a stripper as a baby moms just comes with the territory i guess haha.

      • Playboy69

        Blac Chyna > Tyga in being HOOD!…Blac Chyna got him!…LOL!

  • williedynamite

    what you expect?! … his momma is Vietnamese and his real name is Michael Nguyen… smh

  • Taper g

    I mean does it matter if he from the hood or not i live in the hood i dnt wanna be here the 1st chance i get im turnin ma back on this raggedy ass shit im tired of seein ppl killed i love seein pll doin good wit they life man

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    NOTHING NEW OR SUPRISING HERE, but growing up rich has nothing to do with being Hard or anything towards street credability.

    Jada Kiss grew up rich, mother and father were both judges and lawyers and i know a few n.ggaz who grew up rich but still fcuked witht the streets

  • BullnBearHP