Two California teens rented a $240,000 2012 McLaren sports coupe and a $12 million Glen Ellen mansion with stolen credit cards, and almost got away with it.Sonoma County Police stopped 19-year-old Mohannad Halaweh Wednesday on suspicion of driving a stolen car, when to their amazement, they discovered that he had rented it from a San Jose outlet for $13,000 using a stolen credit card, reported.

Further investigation revealed that he and his passenger, 19-year-old Nhimia Kahsay, had also rented the vacation home in winery-laden Sonoma County for $27,000, using bogus credit cards. The McLaren was later reported stolen, too.

But most astonishingly, the men were on their way back from a court hearing for fraudulent use of credit cards when they were stopped!

In March, Halaweh used a false Visa card to purchase $10,000 worth of electronic gear in an Apple Store in Berkeley, and was caught, while Kahsay had open arrest warrants outstanding, according to the Press-Democrat.

Halaweh was released on $85,000 bail at that time. His new bail has been set at $100,000. County prosecutors have charged him with four felonies – credit card fraud, receiving stolen property, identity theft, and vehicle theft. Kahsay was booked and released, the Press-Democrat reported.

Meanwhile, police are trying to figure out how he and his partner bamboozled the car and vacation home agencies seemingly without much difficulty.


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    i tell you how they did it…they weren’t black…#nuenoit

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