This horrible whoopin went down in Ohio for being disrespectful on twitter. The update to this video will be the girl that beat her down got locked up. Thoughts?

  • realtalkldn

    People take that website way too seriously! Lol was it worth it though?

    • crabs

      wshh fame vs 3-6 months in prison? sad to think that it may be a worthwhile tradeoff for her.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Yo I saw this ish yesterday and had to show a friend. This a$$ whoppin wasnt ordinary brah! I swear i said to myself Hahz should post this. You talk it, u better be able to walk it. She dog walked her down the stairs mane!

        Smh, Team Choco will whoop Bp Corp anyday as we all just seen.

      • this happened in Elyria,Ohio outside of Cleveland and yea ole girl got arrested her name was Tashay Edwards @crabs u can look it up

      • try max of 25 in of 15 years in prison, girl was a minor she pulled out the house she was 19

  • Simba

    So you record yourself assaulting someone and upload it on the net.

    Steps towards a life of prosperity no doubt.

    • eekman

      Yeah I know right. Absolutely ridiculous. I think a simple G-check on camera would have sufficed.

      This is a classic case of when real life imitates art:

      • crabs

        yep, life imitating art. good find.

    • jfizzle

      @Simba, that’s what I’m sayin you record yourself committing several felonies. And her friends that went and recorded it could get charged as well. This has been all over the web, it may reach the mainstream media, and we got these young girls who will have to pay restitution and may do jail time. To be real, the ones who did the assault and taping it I have no sympathy for them. Let me take that back I do, because that is learned behavior and they got that from their environment. They gotta do better.

      • Bronx On Top

        Word up… good thing she know how to fight cause she’s gonna be locked for a minute and gonna need those abilities…these social networks and world star got these young idiots incriminating themselves on camera, these lawyers don’t even have to do any work…

  • Wild a*s hell chill out…lol smdh

  • Wow!!! And these are females smh *shrugs*. *j Cole voice*….”cole/cold world”. Players yall better teach yall daughters & sisters how to really fight…ufc style!!. If its jumping off like this over tweets…highschools must be bananas nowdays smh

    • MoorFedayeen

      Swear these broads gettin stronger and i like it.

  • Boston617

    At first I felt bad but then on the other hand I knew that if it was me she laugh

  • rubbish

  • 614

    I’ve never seen someone get stomped with 2 feet before.

    • Lmao yeah she Mario brothers stomped her azz…like she was a goomba. That ain’t funny tho lmfao!!!

      • crabs

        right… just watched it again and i was hearing the ‘poing!!!’ sound every time she bounced on ol girl’s torso. i feel bad for laughing at this sh1t cus its really not funny!

  • kool-guy

    good, weed out the internet thugs from the real thugs

  • torchilegette

    wow u woulda thot she was tied to a boat goin for a water ski the way she was gettin pulled!

    thas a L on her attacker tho for gettin it on tape.. sum ppl go too far to prove a point

  • slick

    nicki minaj aint the only chick to delete her twitter account. that bitch gonna be so shook she prolly gonna throw away her computer

  • ReefMoney

    why even put this up Hahz? c’mon man ya site aint like those other sites……

    • MoorFedayeen

      Cause it was damn funny. Lol

      • treydarealest1

        this shit not funny this some bodies daughter

  • WHO IS REX???????


  • kamisha

    Damn she got her ass beat

  • rockaby

    You can’t test people on the Internet. Looks like they knew each other. It is almost as bad as the man tracking down the kid for trash talking on Call of Duty durring the game.

  • Greendozen

    I can’t wait for that chick to get snitched on and go to jail for assault. When keeping it real goes wrong for both parties. Word…

  • desolation

    As a black man, I cant do nothing but hang my head in shame over this. Aint shit on the internet w/ fighting about.

  • desolation

    ^ worth. Shit got me so disgusted, I’m making elementary mistakes.

  • TBag

    Damn thats a BEATDOWN

  • sweeps

    @ b …mario stomp!!! Lmao one up!!!

  • BzB

    People don’t understand once you put something on the internet it never goes away. Shorty just added that clip to all her future resumes, her credit score, background checks, dudes that might wanna see if she’s worth dating, what her kids and grandkids and relatives will look up about her when she’s long gone.

    She might not grasp that now but a whole bunch people gonna learn the hard way about recording shlt and posting it on the internet or even the stuff they put on their twitter and facebook.

    No matter how much she regrets now or in the future this ugliness will always be a stain on her life.

    …”talk about that bltch!”

  • izzyboy

    This shit is sad and ridiculous. I”m not making light of the situation but, how the hell do you let someone drag you in your own home. damn

    • BzB

      She wasn’t keeping it real. I don’t internet beef, but if for some reason I did and the other person showed up at my house they would get clubbed the hell up or shot. My house is my castle and I don’t play that shlt. She shoulda knew something was about to pop off once she saw a camera phone…

      • izzyboy

        hell yeah, that’s that say thing I’m thinking bruh. Ain’t no way in hell you gonna come to my house and beat my ass. My home is my place of comfort and safety. That’s gun play right there. Somebody would’ve got shot.

  • ..

  • Monstadon

    LMAO @ Mario Brothers stomp out.

    She stood ON the broad and stomped her.


    Then dragged her by her weave down the stairs. Sheesh.

    As a beat down, I gotta admit, that was kinda brutal and impressive.

    But really doe. You record yourself committing assault…all for some words said on ‘twitter’. SMH. I guess all the girls gone be scurrred of you now. And she’s such a f*cking lady…ROFL. Black ‘Queen’ hunh?


    Oh my poor black race. My God at the ignorance and stupidity of our young folk.

    Ah well. Nuff preaching from me for the day. Knee-grows are just amazing sometimes with the sh*t they do and bullsh*t they place importance on.


  • Playboy69

    LMFAO!…video of the year!

  • tyguy

    That ish wasn’t Cool man.

  • Reese215

    the police got her today. what a stupid ass way of getting arrested. gee lets record us doing a crime AND then post it on twitter for all to see.

  • Red-Caramel City Inc.

    When Ya’ll gon Learn WHO really Owns Worldstar?

  • missmiss

    this was so horrible. OMG. Like she should have known this girl was ready to fight she had her hair wrapped and put her foot at the crack of the door so the girl could not close the door easy. SMH. The girl in the house should have shut that door but Im figuring she would have to face her at some point anyway but she could have made it a more even fight on her terms. And how close was the camera person bc they look as if they were on the porch

    • Sohated313

      lol, right!!!!! And i’m not laughing at the young lady. I just see all these comments in my head, and looking at the whole scenario….. Those were all the ingredients to some shit bout to go down. When she saw ole girl dressed like she bout to do an intense work out+the camera. bomb first then close the door, but the main thing that would have saved her ass, was when girl put her foot in the crack of the door, there were no more signs to give. that’s the final show of disrespect. i don’t wanna fight is not being heard at this point. All she had to do was grab hold of the door knob, and side of the door, and kicked that bitch in the chest as hard as she could. yell out now put that shit on worldstar, and close the door, or jumped on her head like her life depended on it. You could clearly see she was shook beyond clear thinking, and was trying to hide it.

  • As much as one would want to feel sorry for this girl, she had to do or say something to receive this epic beating.

  • williedynamite

    did she put on her special gray magic jumping boots for this visit?

  • williedynamite

    Could have been worse.

    At least this didn’t happen, this was a tragic facebook fight gone bad:

    • Jigwig21

      Dtas sad homie. No care for life…

      • This is why we as a country need the death penalty nationwide. To really punish and that the victims receive true justice. That nigga that shot and killed that girl needs to be hung just like that hoe in texas that shot that mother and stole her baby right out of her hands.

  • T

    Just another day at the monkey zoo.

  • Sohated313

    that was the longest 30 seconds of her life

  • CommonSense

    i feel bad for this chick..reason why you can tell she had no kind of fight in her

  • Dreson

    Get yor face Riverdanced on…lol

  • Jigwig21

    This shit was crazy. Tip, if somebody walks up to u with TMZ following them put your “dukes” up. Protect yourself at all times. Lol

    Serious note: Glad she wasnt murdered, too much of that goin on in our community. We have to raise the bar at which we want to be treated as black people. White folks watching this ignorance and reading our comments so they feel like since we don’t care, why should they???



  • damnshame

    well thats wasn’t toooo bad…damnshame tho..she drug her azz off the porch..ha ha

  • ronb1978

    When keepin it real goes terribly wrong. Females fighting is so UN sexy!

  • Dr Dre

    savages, hoes, and worthless eaters….do away with them all…drop a bomb on them.

  • 816michael

    im not one to jump into other peoples business and i know there is two sides to every story and i dont beleave in calling the laws but man that chick need to go to jail for that shit.

  • 816michael

    damn i had to look at it a second time. u when some you lose some but if somebody did me like that it would probly be gunshots fired.

  • Same thing happen in Detroit but the girl the that came to the house got shot it’s cute until someone dies or goes to jail


    She came to her house with the cameras rolling and told her she wanted to fight at the point you got 2 choices, close the door and call the police, or SWING FIRST…..

    • jfizzle

      @blackroyale, you got another choice, don’t open the door.