The news first broke about a month ago that Twitter would be releasing a stand alone app that would was intended for invite only or celebrities but is now being made available to the public.

CNET was the first source to unveil the news but was officially released during the Good Morning America show Thursday morning. Currently the app is only available on for Apple users in the US,Canada,U.K.,Ireland,Australia,& New Zealand but will make its way to Android devices soon.

The #music app uses Twitter activity, including tweets and other engagement, to detect the most popular tracks and emerging artists, Twitter said. It also brings artists’ music-related Twitter activity front and center, Twitter said, allowing users to visit artists’ profiles to see what musicians they follow and what music they like. Users also can tweet songs right from the app.

The new app currently pulls it music from iTunes,Spotify,&Rdio playing just a small preview of the songs until users subscribe in which they will have the capability to hear tracks in their entirety.

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    So sick of twitter

  • @ cakes: why r u sick of twitter? bad experience or other?

    • Cakes(no burger daddy)

      I think its more because of the people i feel the sameway about facebook’s so much negativity,grown ups acting like kids and people disclose too much of their lives… like this lady tweeted a pic of her child, ivy hooked up and all while they were still riding in the ambulance! i was like really?!?

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        wassup @babycakes….”no burger daddy”, just call me daddy bc i got some sugar to drop in your tank lol

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          Lol Too_Funny!! youre so silly…im straight, cant complain…hope everything is good with you