Gizzelle The Stallion was behind the scenes of one of her adult video shoots. What do you rate Gizzelle?

  • jfizzle

    Damn she stepped in the porn game for real. She on the front cover as a rookie like Madden 2011!!!!

  • MoorFedayeen

    I aint gonna lie man. This chick look better in cloths when everything is wrapped up tight. She a lil too much on the plus side. A ghetto rat if you ask me.

  • scog81

    I Love her azz. Now she doing movies now? I cant wait to cop that bitch.. Thick with that big ghetto azz. DAMN.

  • SOUF

    this hoe at least a 4.5 on the scale. She a little too hefty. She gotta be a member of the 200lb. plus club now. So in 10 years she gonna be the president of the But in the hood she ghetto gold.

  • D

    Didn no she was in adult movies, but i agree with moorfedayeen, she prolly does lok betta wit clothes on, but her AZZ is still beefy though!!

    • MoorFedayeen

      I actually came back to see if I drew fire for that comment but I see I aint alone. I worked in the lower adult industry for years so I’m immune to porn and I really get disgusted by these chicks. They’re dis-functional to say the least. I thought this girl was ok til I saw those xxx pics, not to mention the Young Joc story. Now she just another hoe. All respect lost. Just bothers me to see so many YBW acting like this.

  • melloluver

    Not enough to go on. The a§ is about a 7, but can’t give an overall rating

  • fran

    Have to said that jfizzle is hook up in porn news cause i only find out she was on a cover today, cause i was browsing to the XXX studio main page and saw it. The film i saw isn’t even out yet.

    Clarification: she’s not doing porn now.
    She’s done at least 2 different scenes that I’ve seen already(atleast 1 for sure), the cover i think will be the 3 by my count, so:
    People look it up…
    I didn’t even know it was the same chick until i saw the same name cause she goes by Bridgette Banks besides Gizzelle the Stallion.

    • JoeBlack2k8

      I heard that she was in Big Black Wet Asses 11 – due to come out soon from Elegant Angel. LT should have gone all up in that ass.

      • fran

        Yes sir, that’s the cover, and she’s also been in exploitedblackteens .com

  • Swag

    This broad is fat…booooooooooooooooooooo

  • micale

    Over rated