Twerk Team “Up Against The Wall” Video

· July 23, 2012

Twerk Team slows it down in there latest video while twerking to the sounds of “Up Against The Wall”.

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  1. Moor TC. Carnage says:

    They just aint thick enough. Take them h0es out to eat, then sleep and let that a$$ marinate.

    • queso BP.1 says:

      Naaaaw kid them donks is just right…u see how them cheeks spread?

      • 1luv says:

        Like em thick too but will never past up a healthy chick! You got to know how to pick em.

          • @Moore your my homie no lie bruh. But you talking strait crazy bro. These chicks are looking good as hell. Especially baby in the peach pants. I’ll definitely take her. Don’t know why but lately, these lil slim chicks is taking my breath away. I love’ thick lie Kyra Chaos & L.A Brown but dammit man.

          • Moor TC. Carnage says:

            170lbs and up, no less! Naw I’m bullin. Twerksum ALWAYS look great but I can’t help but think how much nicer it would look if she added an extra 7 or 10 lbs all in the thigh and a$$ dept. And was it just me that thought the team had a new member from that pic up top? I’m like “who is that”. The face look different.

          • @Moore I’m satisfied with what im seeing bruh. She’s nice just the way she is.

  2. I like my honeys thick like kyra chaos. I’ll pass …

  3. queso BP.1 says:

    She put a hurtin on me wit them peach tights…she mad natural wit she came out the womb twerking

  4. LouieV says:

    Even though these hoes some doers, but Miss Twerksum can trick a mofo into cuffin real shit

  5. Thrill says:

    Twerksum gets a pass but that other one look like a cross between Willow Smith and one of them Troll Dolls.

  6. Jamez says:

    sooooo i kno i might be slow but i didnt know, the twerk team started these vids when they were 14 and was managed by they mom…….ALL RESPECT FOR ANY OF EM FOREVER LOST

    • Moor TC. Carnage says:

      Wow! I always wondered how they managed to do these vids in that house with out mom and pops knowing. That’s horrible. Wtf? Whats really goin on out here with people?

    • 313Deuce BP says:

      wow straight up, i didnt even know that shit. they mom had no shame

      • jamar says:

        its about that rent…lots of parents pimpin their kids.

        • 80sBaby says:

          That’s one way to look at it…but,would you rather yo daughters do this behind yo back or would you rather they do that foolishness under your supervision? At least you would know they weren’t being “taken advantage of by someone who doesn’t care”…these men would’ve been tryna “manage” them & would be sellin dreams,tryna get em on drugs and taking their “innocence” at 14 smh

  7. Rick Rude says:

    Imma be a HEEL today. How long they been doing this sht? SMH! I’m sorry folks but twerk is played out. If you ain’t stripping or fucking, GTFOFH!! Doing the same shit every fucking time! I’ll take some LUKE dancers anyday. At least you know its going down! WSHH Honeys even go up and beyond. Y’all can have those girls. Give me a WOMAN! NECKBREAKER!!!

  8. 313Deuce BP says:

    will somebody please just give me two nights wit them. and hold on is that mizz twerksum in the peach pants? she look different

  9. jamar says:

    when is this twerk sh!t gonna play out..this needs to go out wit the saggin pants.

  10. Justin Sider says:

    There was never a “Team”….Mz. Twerksum holds it down but the other girl is just AWFUL….it is getting played out tho…

  11. ballzdeepigo says:

    I’ll hit both but mizz twerksum can get the D everyday ballzdeep.

  12. talent says:

    Is that willow Smith twerkin? This not their best video them leggings just don’t show it right

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