Twerk Team returns twerking to the sounds of Big Sean “Dance”. Thoughts?

  • bighomie53

    They need to teach Portia some of those moves!!!!!!!

    But for-real doe Mizz Twerksum be goin H.A.M…..

    • 850

      Co-sign to that Bighomie53 lol. I hate to see a woman with some azz and she doesn’t know how to use it lol.

  • Red

    I Wonder Can Mizz Twerksum do that when she ride the dick?

    If I find a chick that can ride me like that….I’m wifing

  • jpari

    Twerksum killed that

    • Jake

      Twerksum has a nice a.s.s. to waist ratio

      • jpari

        yeah she does

        • 850

          Jpari i’m still waiting on you lol.

  • sheknow

    these hoes still aint HD

  • Well

    So what is twerking? Is it the dance? I don’t see how it’s different from everything else?

  • d

    Aint they like 25-26yrs old now, still at home, shouldn they be going to work or somtin, or at least join world star eye candy and get naked!!

    • 850

      I know right!! I see the tall slim dark one kicked rocks on the other two girls. She was my favorite. But these girls might as well start stripping this ish is getting old. Time to upgrade ladies. Mizz Twerksum killed that split. Lil chick got talent. But I love the tall chick she’s on time like my money.

    • kandi_ks

      they are 18 and 19 idiot

  • PAC

    These broads do the same Sh#t every video………..And I tune in ALL the time!!!! LMAO!

  • pimptyght

    One question: Are these just two freaks with a tinge of attention whoring or are they getting paid? I have been watching them for a few years now and I greatly admire their freak hoe talents. But how hard is it to find to girls like this and do the same thing in somebody’s house?…lol. Not hatin, just sayin.

    • pimptyght

      Here is a good idea: They can open up for Obama when he makes appearances and gives speeches around the world!!!

    • kandi_ks

      Youtube pays very well..

  • HoesBoreMe

    Same shit. It’s getting pathetic now. At least when they first started they used to twerk on niggas in the club when they did appearances. And they were like 3 other girls. How many of yall remember Betty Butt and Cola?

  • Steez

    I’m not gonna judge, I just know they’re good at what they do

  • ShowYaKnow

    lmaooo @comments and @sheknow : lol @them not being in HD lol, aint neva lied its 2011, damn near every smart phone shoot 1080p or equivalent to HD.

    These broads aint nothing special at all and they are two old with this sh!t, but with all that said, these ho3s still will get the business, both of em, the tall lil red one got a nigga looking, ill take em to cheesecake factory lol and show to an upgrade from red lobster

  • ShowYaKnow

    @pimptyght you right my boi aint sh!t special bout these broads, they look like my lil sister highschool friends, but with all that said, these basic ass ho3s will still get smashed passed and dropped back off to continue their rountine metro pcs video phone quality videos that they known for.

    Also it may be a stretch, but am I the only one that thinks they need to just graduate and migrate to magic city or onyx IJS , but nice p#ssy pops though

    • pimptyght

      damn right!!! They dance better than 99% of what’s in the booty club right now. They can travel the world shakin azz and twerkin and get out of that staircase foyer….lmao

      • ginoBrown

        @pimptyght Its chicks at the club that shake a** 1000 times better than these chicks and they don’t do the same thing over and over again…these broads do the same routine so much that you don’t even have 2 watch a recent video of theirs cause you aint missing nothing new…they aint about 2 make any big money traveling the world shaking ass unless they learn some new moves and start getting bucket ass naked.

    • kandi_ks

      magic city or onyx dont pay as much as youtube.. Its funny cause the same one’s that always have some shit to say BE THE SAME ONE’S WATCHING EVERY VIDEO. Losers.. Keep doin ur thing.. If u can make ur money dancing, NOT HAVING TO TAKE OFF UR CLOTHES then by all means, do it. Fuck a hater.

  • Boss

    When are these girls going to upgrade to wshh. They dominated YouTube for about 3years time for a new challenge. Take Cubana lust title she’s been Mia

    • pimptyght

      is wshh really an upgrade? YouTube has a billion x more name recognition. All I’m saying is, if you ask the average person have watched “such & such” video on wshh, most would be like, ” What site is that?” YouTube even has three phone apps. Just sayin.

  • The song is tight, they did OK. PEACE!!!

  • geotech

    I love a phat @ss too. It just seems like the same stuff over and over again..Maybe I’m wrong..hmm Or did everyone else already say that..

  • Troy

    It saddens me to see young black women thrusting and shaking their asses like common whores to attract attention. The attention is the same attention that gets you pregnant and gets you stuck with babies by different nasty ass trifling black men who prey on this type of shit. They have kids all over the city because bitches think that their ass shaking skills is what’s going to win him over and then you stupid bitches sit around and fight each other over a no good coochie hungry nigga. You bitches fighting for affection of a no good ass man when back in the 60’s they were fighting to be free, is this what the fighting to be free left u with, time to degrade yourself. It’s not cute shaking your asses for the world to see, that makes you a common whore. You save that shit for the imagination and for the man you’re laying up with who is suppose to be your husband and father of your kids. It’s disgusting and trifling to see that bitches young and old hoes think that pussy poppin’ and ass shakin’ is the in-thing. It’s a whole new world out there and you bitches need to twerk yo asses in some books and think about your future because as it stands now, you nigga’s and bitches as you so proudly refer to yourselves as will take your generation back into slavery because it’s coming. Most of these self-proclaimed nigga’s are locked up having sex with other men, giving each other HIV/AIDS, giving it to these Twerk chicks, and allowing these boyfriends to kill your babies. It’s just sad to see and this shit is so damn evident of where this generation is headed.

    • kandi_ks

      U got something to say but u watched long enough to leave that long ass comment.. Get the fuck outta here.. lmao

  • drejones

    lol ok troy. but to all the real niggas. twerksum a bad mutha.i wanna hit her and wife lady L. shake that ass and i bet troy watched the whole thing. lol

  • Plain Jane

    That’s amazing. I WISH my ass did that. I would have my n!gga on LAWK.

  • idkmel

    I think it’s amazing that they’re making money on their own, I just hope they have a back up plan.

  • shitown


  • shitown