Tweeting With Gucci Mane (Spoof)

· September 10, 2013


Tweeting with Gucci Mane: a parody based on Gucci Mane’s Twitter rant earlier today. Gucci Mane got on Twitter today and began to call out any and everyone. Gucci Mane claimed he and Flocka had se* with Nicki Minaj and Tyga’s baby mother, Chyna. Gucci Mane also called out a list of artists. No one is sure if it was really Gucci Mane tweeting or if Gucci Mane got hacked. Gucci Mane did retweet an account belonging to someone who claimed to be Gucci Mane’s brother. The tweet did claim that Gucci Man was hacked but that’s still not confirmed. Regardless, Gucci Mane, of Gucci Mane’s Twitter account stirred up a lot of drama that left a bunch of people mad at Gucci Mane.

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  1. DustyJux says:

    That man is a walking spoof. Don’t even need to clown an actual clown.

  2. Southwestern says:

    They wilin.

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