In music over the last few years there have been all kinds of songs to come from artist but there is nothing like Trinidad Jame’s “All Gold Everything”. This Atlanta born made his mark on the music industry recently with is amazing trendy single.  With his trend setting style and lyrics he landed his self a multimillion dollar deal with Def Jam. It seems like this all a complete dream for after working at a clothing store just a year ago. When asked about how he became this overnight sensation:

“I didn’t do anything too crazy when it comes to making this music.  I just believed in my sound and I believed in my lyrics. It was easy for me to believe because all I did was rap about my life. I feel like I have a good ear for beats, picking the right beats and I’m big on sound placement — and it came out dope. It didn’t matter to me what anyone said, it was dope as hell to me. And it ended up getting me pretty far, pretty fast. And I thank God for it.”

Everything is never always good critics come with everything Trinidad takes on negative criticism:

My success came so fast — and it’s different.  A lot of times in life when we don’t understand something, 8 out of 10 times, we’re gonna go negative before we go positive. It’s very rare that something happens that you don’t understand and you [respond with] ‘Oh, that’s good.’ You’re gonna think it’s bad because you don’t understand it. And with misunderstanding, comes negative thoughts. That’s just how life is. It’s something to get used to. But it is what it is. I gotta do me.”

You can this an more out at RollingOut.

  • Teegirl

    go Trini, and he such a down azz brotha and seems really humble in his interviews…Hope he enjoys his ride of success.