Thickalicious Trina & Melyssa Ford did their best to shut down the event.. and it looked like it worked according to plans.

Some random facts about Ms.Ford are her mother is Russian/Norwegian and she is only 5’4 in height.

Who looked better to you?


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  • Playboy69


    • WildWild

      Mannnn son…. don’t she!!! good lawd

  • Easy……melyssa Ford!!! Trina got them hips poppin but waaay too much cakeup. Melyssa got that **peter griffin voice**…”side boob” LOL

    • too_funny

      i got Trina….this legs and hips look right. but we all know Trina looks pretty much the same without make up.

      Melissa is sexy as hell thou

    • bighomie53

      @B,, i’m surprised you went with Melyssa Ford over Trina, but it’s all good… I gotta go with Trina doe cause she got that type of frame that when you see her comin you can’t wait til she go past to see how fat the a$$ is!!!!!!!!!! #WP

      • Playboy69


      • presto 2.5


  • Melyssa Ford aka “The Original”. damn,i see my big brother hahz has been busy today on ANS.

    • presto 2.5

      yeah “Brian”…lol…you’re doing a great job!…lol

      dont make @Rasheed go “Misery” on ya azz!…lol

  • 828heffe

    Trina got it, she looking dumb thick

    • presto 2.5


  • R0lling>Stoned

    why no side shot of trina

  • President Ward

    My supposed to be wife Melyssa Ford won this one.


    • Mister Mister

      Yeah, gotta go with Melyssa too. Has the prettier face, both are dumb thick though

  • Shaunyc56

    Melyssa ford by a hair… A public hair…*bernie mac voice*

  • RunTellDat

    Hahz you be posting some OLD azz pics sometimes, but anyway, Trina all the way.

  • lazarus

    Go peep that Nelly or Jada vid wit M.Ford. Ridiculous. This is Midgard Approved. Still think bout that blue swimsuit. SMH

  • Oh Trina!

  • 206dee

    Trina lookin thick again she got it going on

  • Prime706

    Melyssa ford is a wifey all the way u just want to smash Trina .

  • Big P

    Trina look righhhhtttt!!! She must have been hittin dat gym.

  • Realtalkin

    Damn they both look incredible. Id rather smash Trina relentless for the weekend and Melyssa for a month

  • BullnBearHP

    Both women look good but I gotta roll with Jessica Rabbit aka Melyssa Ford

  • Jamez

    yall can have that man, but ill take the queen of the video vixens anyday. perfect perky breats, cute face and the ONLY vixen wit potential for tv/movies. thats why i dnt comment on the other vixens cause they all look tha same and aint classy

  • TYBO2020


  • Larcen

    Melyssa Ford all day one of the greatest ever