For some people news that Trina is now thicker than ever is a good thing. But it looks like Trina isn’t feeling the added weight with her recent gym work out flicks.

Trina has been active lately in the booth, so she should be hitting the road soon.. I don’t think she will be carrying around this extra weight for long.


  • Playboy69

    NICE!… @Moor… This must be proud moment for TEAM CHOCOLATE!… Trina BEAT DOWN Melyssa Ford in the last post now this….LMAO!

    • Tim

      She is official in that white dress. She looking like she did back in her trick daddy days.

      • Playboy69


  • Realtalkin

    She lookin real hit-able in these shots

    • queso (The Corp)

      no doubt..Ill take that down quick!!

  • awww man..well,she’s all hips and medium azz anyways lol i love me some trina though.

  • These pics weak!!! Bring back Portia ASAP!!!

  • These pics weak!!! Bring back Portia ASAP!!!

    • presto 2.5

      Prest signs petition above…

      • Realtalkin

        portia do got some nice pics on her twitter the wolfpack been missin out on for-real! As long as them weirdos like Trey/Tone dont come with her pics its all good LOL

  • BzB

    always liked her thick thighs and small waist. but she got to be careful because she got that thickness gene that can get outta control like a runaway train. as long as she work out and try to eat healthy she’ll be just fine.

  • hardly ever see the side view or her turning around. Must be wide and flat back there.

    • presto 2.5

      lol…”Wide and Flat”

  • blizzy

    she needs to keep that weight on …. what am i gonna look at when i press mute on her videos

  • 206dee

    Thick n Sexy

  • DCAssLuva

    my god!!! i wish she still was a strippa

  • 828heffe

    That pic in the black one piece is a screen saver

  • BullnBearHP

    is she getting “thicker” or “fatter”?

  • Cold and Hot

    She looking real smashable in these pics. I love that thick plus small waist look. I hope she don’t get like she did some years ago where she lost everything just keep that body toned and she good to go.