Travis Porter Accused Of Snitching (Video)

· December 13, 2012

All three members of the group Travis Porter have been exposed in these Dekalb county statements shown in the video. We tried to reach out to Travis Porter to get there thoughts on this video but no one replied. Thoughts?

  • j

    Make no damn sense these boys will tell on they on damn mom

    • Jim jones

      “MoorFedayeen” let me kick it like dis cuz iam n da video n i kno da situation so lets wrap dis up quickly …u fina shoot me yo address or u want mine?

  • MoorFedayeen

    Bunch of broke azz n1ggas hating is what I see. Travis Porter will never be as hot as they were the summer before. These dudes are the type with no money or anything to lose which makes them so dangerous. Can’t trust them. I aint with co-oping with police but it sounds like these clowns did some dumb stuff and got piched. I also hate how ATL or country accents sound; just embarrassing. And these dudes had like $500 in singles with them stacked up like it was 100 racks. Weak

    I came across this page. This should put in to perspective just how many of these clowns will be alive in the near future. We were better off in the 60s just getting lynched at a much lower rate. Check it out

    • al-ahmadi

      Yo dog, what is your angle? You on a site on some pro-black, Gods & Earths, righteous shit one min, then the next you talking bout pimping hoes and we’d be better off gettin lynched sh!t the next. The rest of these aggins drop they little 2 cents on this issue and that and which chicks got the phatty and whatnot, but you always trying to “enlighten” the rest of us and drop some esoteric knowledge that’s reeks of “c-o-n-spiracy”, half-baked, misplaced anger, stream of consciousness horsesh!t. Who are you G? Are you a freedom fighter trying to get ninjas out the matrix who just happen to like lookin at strippers Instagram pics or are you one of these no-rent, budhead, losers preaching like you the only one that heard Makaveli and read Behold the Pale horse?

      • Solo G

        I too would like to know what the hell goes on in moor head that NiGga aint right bruh

        • Juice

          @Solo… +1000…. Nigga stupid…

          • al-ahmadi

            Smh, You’re deflecting now. What does Arab got to do w the price of tea in China? You on here all day long talking out both sides of your mouth talking bout puttin hoes in they place in “Smash or Dash” threads and then turn round and try and drop some knowledge like you’re the only one that reads. Hoe sit down. Stop being a hypocrite and trying to “teach” ninjas and just enjoy the @sses like every other aggin on here. We don’t need YOU to tell the board “how to be a black man”.

          • Solo G

            Yea that was me foo I love my nation homie GDN till the world blow Growth&Development thats what i live by Folk but i dont be on here all day preaching about both sides like u do.

          • MoorFedayeen

            LMAO @Solo. Ali get ya boy man, he still banging in 2012. And I’m elated that you used that “Smash or Dash” post as a reference because I explicitly told the boys in there to chill on that “smash & dash” talk because I don’t hit & quit broads. I aint a saint but I also aint a damn fool. I care not what a cat does out here long as he aint hurting, robbing or killing anybody which is what it sound like these clowns and this vid did and got caught or snitched on. That’s why they’re salty. Fuq everything else. U asked what I stand for and I told you. What else you want.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    HipHop has alot of fake shiiit and contrary to what people think, hiphop accepts and tolerates alot of BULLSHIIT, N.ggaz kissing each other, former COPS/C.O officers, identity theift, n.ggaz who wear skirts, n.ggaz with braids lol.

    However one thing that the hiphop community does not and i think will never accept is a sniitch.

  • Solo G

    I never knew this about travis porter but they did put in work back in them black mobb days and its folks in the street that vouch for them

  • Now Thats Pcp

    what they snitch on, i dont understand but regardless it Time

  • desolation

    man i wanna know why/what these cats snitched for before I decide how to feel b/c the ” stop snitching rule” is probably the dumbest trend blk folks follow.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Its not even a trend started by us Deso. The Italians adopted it long before us; Irish, all other types of organized crime. Its kinda dead now. In “A Bronx Tale” C witnesses Sunny murder a man. He didn’t tell because in his hood a rat was the lowest thing you could be. Hell, stop snitching was only meant for cats that sold drugs but many misunderstood it for an umbrella term. Its gets deep.

      • S.W.ATL MADE

        And everybody in ATL don’t sound the same dude….some got accents some dont, but its in the south & every region has accents and its a big difference between being southern and being country and ive been there and hv heard plenty of females from other regions say how country and late midwest people are but to each his own and I won’t go in on detroit which I hv been to and seen for myself….no matter where anyone is from that like or think where they are from is the best but I can only say it must be something good in ATL because millions of people hv moved here since the 80s….country is the way u carry yourself,the way dress,how late u are on shit….and the ATL has been on the forefront, up on shit first and on its own shit for quite a while…I respect every place and no I don’t like most of these clowns that rep the ATL but that’s what the image the industry seems to want to put out there but just know everybody isn’t like the bs image they put out of ATL we hv millions of people on all types of different vibes….so chill with the willie lynch shit u making his words reign true when u hate or talk down on another black man that’s different than you.

        • S.W.ATL.MADE

          and this video is Eastside Decatur dudes and everybody knows that most dudes in decatur/eastside country….they are totally different from people that live in the city of atlanta,the swats or the westside…the eastside vibe is different than the city or the westside but decatur does hv some bad females…..

          • S.W.ATL.MADE

            also is this video real? how did they get an original copy of a police statement unless they are police officers thmselves ,maybe they hv a family member who is one and the found the forms laying around and filled them out,or they are janitors and found it laying in the trash of the precinct…..

        • MoorFedayeen

          Willie Lynch never existed and the “A” is poppin, I can’t front but its a bunch of fakers down there too, flexin. Been there a few times and also considered moving down there but what have you seen in my city that you can go in on? Don’t hold back. Detroit N1ggas come down to the A and run you n1ggas. Ask BMF. Where you think they came from?

          • S.W.ATL.MADE

            BMF didnt run me or anybody i knew and from what i saw and knew they got together with bosses in the atl it wasnt like it was a drug war in the streets all the d boys bosses from everywhere got together….they came here for the lifestyle and location from what i was told….thats like themChambers brothers who moved to Detroit from the rural south of Arkansas and set up shop in Detroit and ran the city,in atl it wasnt even like that it was more like a co op Atl and didnt hv no problem with BMF everybody got more money and shit was sweet for everybody but it wasnt no gunplay involved in them being in the Atl…BMF was wholesale they werent on the Atl streets they dealt with bosses and made the ATL the base

          • MoorFedayeen

            Hahahaah you got a lil hurt on that last statement I made. No hate bro. They obtained the vid through the freedom of info act. You can get a hold of anything if you just ask for it. Either way the A is cool with me, and I know some talk with that accent and some don’t like Jeezy. I find that kinda odd how that can be but anyway just the way these guys talk irritates me. Just pure ignorance is what I got from it. Nothing against the whole city. Peace

          • S.W.ATL.MADE

            shit bothers me too….

  • Pceezy

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  • Pceezy


  • Big ALbert

    They music is awful.


    These niggas aint lyin bout these niggas…Ali and Quez been some hoes aint put in no work nun of that s#$t…..Ali was wit blackmobb since day one but he aint never been on no street #$%#t he used to always #%^# wit da hoes…..strap was the only one in the streets and he aint have nun but 1 foot in……idk were tha ffuck quez came from but I know lil e shot his ass before i got locked up fa that black mobb #$%….im a day 1 nigga and these niggas flexxin strap good but ali and quez some hoes and tell em JR said dat niggas know me Tha Shooter ask somebody