Have that gut feeling that your spouse or significant other is cheating on you? You don’t have to hire the show Cheaters or call a private detective all you need to do is look for the signs.

1.They start to complain about everything you do

If he/she starts to whine and complain about things you been doing since she met you then that might be a red flag. Is she making critical remarks about you? When someone is being critical, they’re attempting to take the attention off of themselves and make you look inward at yourself in a negative way.

2.If your always the one making arrangements to see each other.

Do you suddenly feel like the one who has to make plans for her/him to see you all the time? Well if that is the case then someone else other then a friend or her job is occupying there spare time. Their can be a x factor in this particular situation..

3.When you guys fight some one ends up leaving.

Does he or she blow up and physically leave the room or home after a fight? As a general rule, the one who’s always leaving or running away can no longer tolerate being around the person they’ve wronged. Ironically, they usually run to the other person that they’ve cheated on your with or that they’re interested in. This is especially true for women. For men picking fights can buy us time to rome the streets.

4.Your constantly accused of cheating.

Does he or she constantly accuse you of cheating? If all of a sudden some one is trying to micro-manage your time like the boss at your job you hate it’s for a reason. If you’ve been faithful, but your significant other accuses you of cheating, be certain that he or she is guilty. As a general rule, whatever the person is accusing you of, he or she has already done to you and as a result, they’re probably looking for a “safe” and clean way out. This is probably the best flag to yield to.

Majority of the time when your in too deep in relationship you see these signs but you choose to ignore them hoping for the best. If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, chances are, you’re being cheated on.

  • #1 is the realest that’s always some bullsh*t

    • Tony Money

      #1 is the realist one fashow, but ima tell you niggas a secret if you with your girl and y’all got kids or she got kids you can find out if she cheating by telling her to put it on her kids head that she not cheating and see what happens my nigga real shit.

  • Chi Capitan

    What does it matter?? Most if not all of us are cheating anyway. Thats just the way it is

    • I can’t cosign that

      • Lol..neither can I

        • WackyTacky

          nor I said the blind man!

      • moorfedayeen

        Hahz the man has a point. It’s just our nature as filthy Americans. McDonald’s type of lifestyles. We want it now.

    • queso

      @chicaptain I can cosign that…I think the majority of people cheat or cheated at least once on their spouse. Dudes are cheating from jump. Aint no denying that. Especially in todays society.and Being a man u would HOPE ur girl aint doin shit u can never say awwwww my girl would NEVER do that. Shit anybody could be got it just takes the right person place and time.

      • Im STILL the PRINCE!!

        Preach Q!! I can respect #3!! That’s all I was known for, leaving…

        • twampog

          Ok so its not smart to leave the fight before it goes too far? Just stay there & continue to get madder & madder. That’s a recipe for domestic violence to sit yo ass down for at least a year. To me if u got anger problems & don’t wanna snatch your chick up then u better take yo ass for a walk! If your girl is worth it work it out cause a lot of chicks ain’t bout isht!

          • twampog

            In Cali they not messing wit that domestic isht!

          • twampog

            U never truly know someone until u fight them. I heard that one on the Matrix. But I’ll add1 thing to it; “whether physical or verbal”, because then u get to see what kind of tactics they use. Are they being sarcastic? Talkin hella isht, or what should be happening, keeping it real. Sarcasm & gum bumping don’t help.

      • Chi Capitan

        Like Chris Rock said…A man is only going to be as faithful as his best option. So for dudes w/ something going for themselves that gets attention from women, if an opportunity presents itself they goin….lol Look at Deion Sanders. Got that bad, independent sista at home and this guy still gets busted (supposedly) w/ some young jump-off. While I was getting a haircut I heard this lady say that if a flawless woman like Pilar can’t lock her man down what hope is there for any black woman?…We all laughed, but everyone read the truth in between those lines.

        • WackyTacky

          @ChiCapitan, this I feel you on bro. I just went on 3 dates in two weekends and it is all about that best option of these women. All are bad one way or another but one has the potential to have a stank attitude, the other has a crazy stalker ex, and the last….well she ripped my clothes off LOL. So Chris is right I will always go with the best option, but once I make a choice you got to learn to stick with it and respect it unless it disrespects you. But who really knows what the best option is?? I guess we all can rip and run these streets till we fall over, but who really wants to do that the rest of their lives. My boy is married and his woman throws down in the kitchen, I talking man must be nice coming home to this, after a while what didn’t seem to matter as much does. I guess we all just need to be smarter about it.

        • 850

          I agree with both of you Chi-Cap and Queso.

  • Poppichuloco

    If you are looking for signs then the game is already over.

    • realtalkldn

      that, i completely agree

      • moorfedayeen


        that’s why its best not to worry cause its nothin u can do. Just do u. It has to be a connection beyond sex or friendship. Like an OG told me, “The woman I’m with has enriched my life. It’s nothing else out here for me” his wife bought him a place ticket to Brazil for his b-day. What kind of love & trust is that?

  • jamar

    on a planet full of snakes,why get your hopes up. Playa 2 playa,pimp 2 pimp.thats the norm.


    the truth is every1 cheats, has cheated, or is about to cheat. here r sum simple rules to the game (A BOOK IM WRITING)that can help all men and women cheat. 1. dont get the woman pregnant men. and ladies dont get pregnant. 2. dont bring any STD’s home. 3. still respect the houshold u live in. 4. the shit u do wit the hype girl u better do it wit wifey example… out to eat, movies, fuckin really good, and simple gifts like money, clothes etc etc. and men always remember if u cheating and u still doin the things that make ya women happy and goin the extra mile if u get cuaght about 80% of the women will stay wit u cuz u r a good man. but if u cheatin and u not takin care of home she will dig in ya as sumthin terrible. i wanna know wat yall think please hit me up at…. pimpn52@gmail.com all responsess r welcomed rather good or bad im writing a book and i wanna know your input….

  • WackyTacky

    Damn, wish I knew this a year ago because I hit damn near all these with my ex, and I found out everything she accused me of, she was doing. They should add another one to this, if you argue and end up destroying a door, something is going on.

  • THANKS for the info. Hahz. PEACE!!!

  • joe

    If youre girl dog you out like this and she not cheating she might as well be, cuz she cheating you outta happiness by being a bitch.