Top Flight Security Tasered Ratchet Atlanta Mom In Front Of Her Kids

· January 28, 2013


In a bizarre encounter that ended in an awful way with children watching a mother became unruly with a guard outside of an Atlanta shopping mall.

The mother was persistent on disobeying the guards order of leaving the malls premise, when she attacked the guard. The guard was left with no other choice but to use his taser to stop the attacking mother. The woman was tased in front of her children, who broke out into tears following the incident. Let this serve as an example of how not to act in front of your little ones.

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  1. Lmfao!!!!! *hurricane Chris voice*…”let’s get ratchet….let’s get ratchet” smh. Truthfully she deserved every bolt she received. And the dude that tried to jump the security guard at the end should’ve got his azz dropped too. Where was he when his chick was trying to whoop the security guard??? These kids in the video are being raised by 2 ignorant dumbasses smh. #justice served!!!!

    • Fleezus says:

      Preach. You haven’t said nothing but the truth. He had WAY more patience then I would ever had…

    • too_funny says:

      Bebe’s kids are grown and now they have kids.

      Crack babies never died off they just grew up, which continues the cycle.

    • Solo G says:

      that exactly what i said Lol thats what that 6road Get for 6eing Goofy. anyone else hear the kids all the Guard Gay smh

    • Dirty Souf says:

      Too bad her man was busy getting his grill done at the jewelery store to keep his loudmouth bitch in line. I’m guessing this ghetto ass baby factory is pretty used to getting a good shocker. P.S. This is where your tax money is going. ATL=shithole

  2. Dreday says:

    LMMFAO…..She wasnt thinking about that when she was popping of she had chance to get kids out of there and walk away but naw I am from the hood…and what did the other chick do nothing disappear

  3. 2mques says:

    Lol, they would never do that if it was a white security guard smh.

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    You can tell that’s in the A. This right here is what I always talk about. This is all govt benefits can do for the black community which is why I hate ‘em. I’m sure she has her EBT card with and she’s getting $500+ a month in stamps for that little tribe she came with and is acting a fool in front of, meanwhile guys like us don’t have kids at all because we’re responsible. The cycle repeats when those kids grow too. Amazing, or better yet disgusting.

    And another thing: Why is it a viral vid every other week of only blacks acting up when I’ve seen plenty vids of others acting a fool too?

  5. President Ward says:

    Pop and drop…lmao!!

  6. Loc says:

    Did anyone notice that MONSTER of a woman (3:49). first thing that came to my mind was “Player 2 has joined”, and they picked the tank character.

  7. Fdat says:

    36 back it ups


    29 What’s ups

    16 You better back it ups

    4 Pussy Niggas


    10 Nigger you gays

    6 Bitch niggers

    I lost count of you gay..

  8. Truth says:

    All those little kids think that this is normal behavior and it is acceptable to join in.

  9. twix_twix says:

    Those kids don’t stand a chance.

  10. BMW says:

    The toddler in the yellow shirt was saying “I’ll knock you out” which is even sadder (He looks to be about 2/3)

  11. Riddim42 says:

    She is an irrational creature. Expressing her emotions is more important to her than protecting her children. If she gave a shit about her children she would have just walked away. Instead making herself feel better by screaming and shouting and attacking (the mall security?).

  12. Now Thats Pcp says:

    So many things are wrong with this video from the ladies acting up in public in front of the kids to the kids calling the security guard “gay” to the security guard not walking away and egging the ladies on to the supposed father not keeping his lady and family in order to the bystanders just looking like shit is normal…..the cycle of ignorance continues

  13. 1luv says:

    Man this is why I can’t be a security guard. This is the type of stuff that makes me embarrassed. Those same little kids will be the issue in 15 years when it comes to some young punk trying to stick you up or break into your house.

  14. Therealjiggaboo says:

    An intervention with Malcolm x, Mlk, Marcus Garvey and King tut couldnt save these negroes #Weintrouble

  15. too_funny says:

    “We BeBe’s kids…We Dont Die, We Multiply”

    RIP Robin Harris

  16. damnshame says:

    Man she deserve that taser sooner than later….and those kids talkin tha bdaddy come way u shoulda been check ur chic…this was comedy and tragic @ tha same damn time….I feel a spoof comin on..

  17. juNY says:

    It’s a vicious cycle.

    It is. How do we break the cycle?

    I mean without straying into “child license” or eugenics territory. Is there anything we can do to try to break families out of this unproductive cycle? It isn’t good for them, and it isn’t good for society as a whole.

  18. Bessen says:

    No brains to outsmart your opponent = repeat something as loud as you can.

  19. Eddie F says:

    I was hoping that dude at the end was gonna get tazed too.

  20. Wise1 says:

    I guarantee you that b1tch saw jesus on the way to the ground.

  21. tierakay says:

    This is so sad. Those kids are basically emulating their shitty parents. I applaud the security guard for giving these people more than enough warning before taking action. Had it been me in that situation, I might have resorted to the taser sooner.

  22. girl says:

    cries for those kids

  23. S.W.ATL MADE says:

    She better be lucky those weren’t cops it would’ve turned out even worse with her,the other chick,and dude going to jail and kids going to dfac. But these kids don’t hv a chance at all sad to say I used to work downtown near underground it this is where the most lost in the ATL hangout at all day everyday….u dont see these people nowhere but down there for some reason….

  24. BrownSugar says:

    LMMFBAO!!! She dropped like one of those fainting billy goats! He should of tased her lameazz baby daddy too. He should of checked her silly azz.

  25. WildWild says:

    LMMFAO… that ish was hilarious stood her azz straight stiffed and then dropped her.. her fat ass gf ain’t have nothing to say then.. didn’t see her rush up after that hit… @B I agree homie she deserved every bolt her gf and the punk ass bd.. get yo broad and kids in order.. I hate N’s.. Love Black People though

  26. Meka320 says:

    What’s troubling me is everyone is on here must didn’t watch the same video I watch clearly. It doesn’t take a college education to see that there was more to this event that took place.He is clearly filming at the point when he knows it gone to become physical. From the start of this film those woman get upset about how he was addressing their children yes she was in the right to defend her kids. This is the second film I watch of the same security guard filming himself being a bully using his position to intimidate inocents there were children right there his job was to call the police before any physical altercation took place. My opioion is this what I comprehended was a woman dispite what her appearance was protecting her However, when her toddlers got involved with the name calling she did fall short. Now he was clearly the one who hit her twice just imagine if that was one of your family members? On top of that how can you support domestic volience when here in this film a man assaulted a woman in front of her children first she defended herself he started it and she got the best of him then he tased her. If when she fell in front of her children and broke her neck and lost her life would you still call her getto or a woman defending her kids. Or just maybe if she was wearing slacks/shirt and blouse and heels would she still be getto? What no one is understanding he is mentally ill he is the one posting the videos and that is rachett if you ask me.

    • 1luv says:

      You must be related to these so called people. If she would have broken her neck, it would be on her silly ass for not acting like a mature women and walking away.

    • BrownSugar says:

      Is this your sister, cousin, friend, etc? Baby, I have a TWO degrees and I can see that she was DEAD wrong for acting a fool in front of her kids and the bystanders. An intelligent, educated woman would of called the police, manager/owner, etc if she felt the security guard was wrong. But instead she started acting like a fool, screaming and cursing, and showing how much sense and class she has. Even her kids were imitating their mother- acting lil babe babe kids when they should of stayed in a child’s place.

    • G Hughes says:

      The camera is a body cam, it is to protect the business owners, if she or anyone else decide to take him to court the company he works for is liable. So whenever any altercation happen the body cam is used to record it, this is more than likely only part of the recording. If he is wrong it would show that. He asked her to get her kids and leave. She made the choice to stay, curse and try to fight the PAID security guard. When she decided to walk up and chest bump him, he had to use whatever force necessary to protect himself and the other customers. We need to stop making excuses for bad behavior. The mother was wrong, she should have protected her children by taking their hands and walking away. Bottom line, she was trespassing when she refuse to leave and then she assaulted him when she walked back in and chest bumped him. He was only doing his job. Apparently the owners feel they need security for a reason.

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