Top 5 Morning Thickness TwitPics

· June 27, 2011

Top 5 Morning Thickness TwitPics

I got a feeling..that today is a good day. Who would you have wanted to wake up this morning next to?

Top 5 Morning Thickness TwitPics
Top 5 Morning Thickness TwitPics
Top 5 Morning Thickness TwitPics
Top 5 Morning Thickness TwitPics


  • Melloluver

    #4. but i’d had to force myself to get up to go to work

    • Datmemphisboi

      @Mello….you damn sho ain’t lying bout that one!!! What a gotdayum way to wake up!!!

      • MoorFedayeen

        4, everybody else can leave!

        • jfizzle

          @Moor, yeah I have to agree with you on that one

          • presto


          • Voice of Reason


    • Juwellz

      I agree mane


      #4 yall can have the rest

  • mr. leftfoot

    I’d wanna wake up with #4 then get my a$$ home to #2

    • B strait up

      6foot,7foot, leftfoot wassup! I’m rollin wit the brown honey in pic #4,strait up!

      • mr. leftfoot

        @b-straight what up homie

        • presto

          yeah #2…is da truth too @leftfoot 4real!!

  • Flave

    I’ll take #2 that body tight. Does anyone know who she is?

    • Trio


      She got some exclusive pics floating around on I’d link them if I had ‘em.

      • Flave

        Good looking Homie

  • t-tyme

    #3 &#4 on a platter please!!!

  • T-Fleezee

    I’ll take the #4 breakfast special please.

  • G 26’s

    2 & 4 all day

  • gphi

    Tight post overall, I especially like pic# 4. PEACE!!!

  • red

    #3 and 4 anyday of the week

  • trave d da don

    numba 4 wooo in my rick ross voice and she sexy

  • still118

    number 2

  • 24-7


  • Leroy#79

    It’s number five by a landslide. I needed my 3-D glasses to take it all in!!

  • slap doot

    quatro, four, fo… whatever you want to call it.. she BADD…
    Looking like a peanut butter cupcake