The hump day grand finale..The top 30 homegrown flicks of the day. Which ones are your favorite?

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  • ld4644

    Slim chick in the mirror with pink thong blue top is my #1 Slim ass chick with a round booty that pokes out is my fav. Black tights and black heels is phat to death my #2. And the video….Wow I didn’t know they came built like that in the UK…. I’d have tea and biscuits with her any day….Pip pip cheerio n1gga!!!

    • MoorFedayeen

      Oh you talkin bout Meagan Good with ass. Yeah Idk how I miss cetain pics. It all hits you at once like a desert you don’t even fully chew before swallowing. It’s just that good!

      • @Id4644 Dawg I agree with you on pic 12. Blue top pink thongs, that chick is banging she’s in my top fav top 6.

        • jfizzle

          Yeah blue top pink thongs she gets the 1st place ribbon. I also like shorty with the pink bikini with her back to the camera. Yessirr!

          • Damn Jfizzle you don’t miss shit lol. Hell I skipped all over her sexy ass. She made my top 7.



  • reymysteriojr

    Is Maliah looking a little slimmer to anyone else?

  • trap101

    I was gonna role wit my asian thing until i saw the disproportion between the legs and the ass. I’m definitiley rollin wit the pink bikini u can’t see her face it’s just a backshot from top to bottom.

  • Poppichuloco

    When I see the homegrown post I get giddy like a kid in a candy store. It just makes me happy.

    Stay thirsty!

    • Me too pop!!!!!! me too.

  • George

    who is the last girl… chick with the tattoo on cheek?

  • damn now this is wut I’m talkin about! It’s some bizzles on this one. Pic#16 busty as hell(leann amos I think) along wit a few others are shutting it down,strait up!

    • by the way ol girl in the video “thick as hell”! I’m lookn out 4 them butterfly models,strait up!

      • B-strait!!!! what it is homeboy? I agree with you on leanne amos. She’s bad as hell, I always been a fan of hers. You know she’s from “Florida” right? Lol we produce some good oranges from time to time lol.

        But here are my choices here 1,6,12***,13***,17,32*****. I don’t know who to walk away with on this one. It’s some tight ass females on this joint.

        • @boi,wuut up fam,u can’t go wrong wit none of these chicks lol. But did you peep ol girl in that video “damn” wut a body she had.

          • Yeah I peeped her but I commented on the video stroll down you will see it lol.

  • halfMANhalfAMAZING

    #2 is looking just right!

  • hodgeprt

    Im takin the stripper in the teal 1piece. Maliah need 2 eat a little more and Lastarya need 2 chill on the bench presses. Startn 2 get that steroid woman bodybuilder chest….slow down ma we like em jus a tad bit soft up top baby

  • hodgeprt

    Oh almost 4got the slim sexy w the phatty in the pink thong and blue top. I like em thick but her body is a 10!!!

    • ld4644

      AMEN!!!!! Its like you expect a thick shorty to have an ass but when a slim joint like her walk by and you see that round juicy thang hanging off her back its like seeing a white tiger in Brooklyn lol just so rare.

  • So Candler Road

    Shawty with the blue top and pink boy shorts is her name known or is this just a pic y’all found?

  • Cold and hot

    All of em can get it!

  • PayDayRay

    Gotta go with #2 she’s looking good in both her pics.

  • 1,12,13,32 I can’t make up my mind on who I want. But whoever I choose I know I would be a very happy man!!!!! Damn Hahz…..why you be doing a brother like this. Are all these women residing in the ATL at this moment? Good lord man!!!! Wolfpack enjoy the fresh meat that Hahz brought in Hoooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllll!!!!!!!!

    • The video is straight but that chick might have some rounchy ass pu#5y. I noticed her thighs, are scrubbing and when that happens more than likely that pu#5y is fowl. She can use a good work out to tone that body up a lil bit. But i’m looking forward to seeing what the other models are looking like.

  • Cold and hot

    I didn’t know the UK did Urban models they seem like they may be holdin better than the urban modeling scene over here in the States.

  • still118

    1. pic 1 lisa james
    2. ms.lady wit the red bra & class ring (cute face…lets c dat waist)
    3. tahiry (the trapper’s halle berry)

    honorable mention go to the 3 becky’s, cuz if dey cum 2gether in a package…its a wrap #BOW

    • jfizzle

      @still118, LOL at tahiry trapper’s halle berry, that’s funny.

  • GLO

    first timer

  • flave

    To many good ones to choose just one so I will take them all. Nice Post

    • ThatDude

      cosigns wit u brah…

  • GLO

    ok fellas, peep game #30 bad and she gonna stay bad too, just look at the picture of her mom hanging on the wall. what Smokey from Friday say Older the berry, the sweeter the juice. Man, it’s the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. Yeah, well she blacker than a motherf^cker too. lol Then that chick at wal-mart yeah in what state that in again. I’m in the US Army, so I move arourd alot never saw anything like that in a wal-mart I went to. I would be buying stuff I don’t need everyday trying to run into her. Plus the one standing up near the pool her body look right but before I open my mouth would have to see her face first and one more for the road the one with the blue underwear could get the BI any day of the week

    • Shit well kenfolk all I can tell you is come to Tallahassee,Fl. You will see girls like that all the time in Wal-mart. Better yet hell alot badder than her. Shit dawg we got Famu,Florida State,Tallahassee Community College. And trust me Glo u will see girls like that or even better. If i’m lying you can slap the fuck outta me.

      • GLO

        you say “Tallahassee,Fl” ok bet!!! After seeing this web site got me ready to buy a cheap house in Miami or ATL just to go play in when I’m in the states. Right now I’m living as a Soldier(black man)in Germany so I have not chase a female in a while cause over there they be BAD and they be coming at you like your Puffy or Jay-Z lol trying to get that U.S. visa
        but this web site got me missing them good old american smut’s

  • Michael816


    • Oh yeah dawg!!!!!! I drink to that lol. #1,12,13,32 aren’t bad either homie. But 12 & 13 got my eyes the most. But I would have to go along with 12 the bluetop and pink thongs. She is a sho-nuff dime. Damn she bad.

  • ld4644

    I may have to stop coming to ANS man….. Heart conditions run in my family and my dad died from an early heart attack, I felt my heart skip a beat or two looking at these delicious morsels.

    • Lmao I know the feeling bruh.

  • Dresom

    at least #4 know her roll she a late night bootycall

  • Pic#2, the outfit is sexy. PEACE!!!

  • laker1

    #18 her body is scrumptious, perfecty shaped and nice round ass!!

  • laker1

    my bad #19 is who i’m talkin bout!

  • letsgo!!

    Door #2 please that’s my speed right there and the pink thong blue top she built like my wifey

    • Yeah everybody is on #12 kitty kat. She’s bad as fuck I can’t lie. I damn sure would love to get with her. I would Wifey that chick if her mind matches her body.

  • Mr leftfoot

    Damn I almost f*cked up on the job looking at this post…to many to choose from…@the wolfpack happy hunting

  • 4REAL


  • Jdmboy12

    #6 & 15.

  • jay

    The girl in Walmart is damn perfect.

  • Drew

    So many good ones. The one in the black dress in the second row, the bathroom pic in the third, the chick in the supermarket!? So many good ones.

  • prime706

    7 & 19 dammmm

  • sammo

    this post is MAGIC!!!!!

  • sammo

    yo how the fuck did i miss this?????……s/o to homegirl in all black takin that mirror pic, #20 i believe, spread out like butter on toast….DAYUUUUUMMMMM!!!!!…..i would spend my whole paycheck an then some to smash that…..real talk!!!!!!