Top 25 Home Grown Pics Of The Week (09-16)

· September 15, 2010

I am proud to announce ANS is going green,here are the top 25 all natural home grown pics of the week. This weeks pack includes Junk aka Candy,Mal Malloy,Solei,Ms Joie,Sheneka Adams,Gemini Twins,Pebblez and more.. Which pictures are your favorite ones?

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Discussion28 Comments

  1. Slim G says:

    5 & 20…my gawddd!!! smh.

  2. halfMANhalfAMAZING says:

    yea #5 and #19

  3. Drew says:

    Would I be wrong in guessing EVERYONE wants to get on top of #22?

  4. prime706 says:

    13 16 19 20 22 r bad as hell 15 the one in the red is nice to over all this a real good group.

  5. Cold and hot says:

    The chick with the multiple pics in the grey pants and purple top, come on you can’t be a thick chick in some J’s dog lol She gets my top vote

  6. mr.portcity says:

    As u go along 5 gets better in her pics and 19 is a beast her figure is on point…pebblez azz still looks weird to me…video girl knows how to move

  7. gphi says:

    Pics# 4, 5, 8, 17, 20, & 26. The chick is the video knows how to move too. PEACE!!!

  8. D says:

    the white chick last pic omg she thick as f*ck!!

  9. MisterMidas says:

    This whole post is pure win….I cant even pic a favorite here.

  10. tim says:

    I see Solie with that dude who did the porn scene with superhead. I hope she not about to make a move into porn. I heard her say she would not mind having a role in the behind the scenes of porn. I hope she don’t do it. Call me Solie I will take care of you for life. The two pics of the pretty chocolate azz on the beach is Solie. The chick in the purple shirt is the girl from real chance at love with the big azz that chance was fearing. She really toned up and looks good now.

    Anyway, Don’t do porn Solie, I heard buffie the body selling azz in dubai.

    • Hahz says:

      You can’t save her fam…

    • jfizzle says:

      Word Tim, put your cape down….I REPEAT PUT YOUR CAPE DOWN….she don’t want to be saved. Just enjoy the footage. WOrd? Buffie sell ass now? Where did you hear this? I wonder if she sell it by the lbs. cause dudes will have to take out a loan in that case!! LOL

  11. tim says:

    Them Gemini Twins look like dudes in wigs. I hope they are not the two twins I saw working out in a video talking about how they just want to be single because their dudes just be wondering how they are. If that is them they need to make up with them dudes cause their looks faded, fast.

  12. tim says:


    check out

    • jfizzle says:

      Good looking out, wow she getting down like that now. Like I always say these video broads better start a pension fund or they will be straddle across a camel like Buffie. I know it’s on the site I wonder if it’s true.

  13. DAYUUUM! says:

    Who is the white girl #5? Anybody know?

  14. 4REAL says:

    17,20 PUTTN N WORK

  15. trap101 says:

    the one in the green bikini top is taking it by far!

  16. mikeone1 says:

    Yes the one in the green bikini top hands down she is #1 Damn

  17. zlon says:

    lotta great pics, but only one picaso baby # 9 solei!!!

  18. DocOck says:

    I could keep the girl in green for eternity.

  19. yeaaaboy says:

    there’s something about 19 ….damn, more of her & #22 is guud too

  20. jfizzle says:

    ANybody know who the broad in the green bikini is?

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