Top 25 Camera Phone Night Club Candy of The Day (3-13)

· March 13, 2013


Here are the top 25 Hump Day camera phone night club candies. Who do you think deserves that #1 spot?


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  1. President Ward says:

    Pic #5 all day!!

    Wolfpack Inc.

  2. Playboy69 says:

    Keyshia Koir WINS!

  3. 4,Miracle Watts,and Dayami Padron.

  4. bighomie53 says:

    Pic #18 black & white dress she got it… Cute face plus she lookin supa thick!!!!!!! #whoisthat…

  5. REX says:

    @strizzle,#1got one of those ghetto azz shapes from the west side or wild the 100s
    Lol…solid post to say the least

  6. Realtalkin says:

    Im liking Keyshia Kaoir, #2 got some hips too and #13 is nice. They all smashable tho

  7. Queso (The Corp) says:

    Liking 6 and 8

    • Mister Mister says:

      That’s exactly the two who got me the most, especially ol girl with the curly hair

      • Queso (The Corp) says:

        @Mister good taste kid lol! Yea she nice.. I like the subtle hotness.. Shorty ain’t gotta be all crazy dolled up trying all hard.. Them two is wassup!

        • Mister Mister says:

          @Queso, exactly homie. I like when a woman can be sexy, showing enough but not over doing it & without having to be crazy extra with it

  8. DonkRida says:

    #5 f**k all them other broads

  9. 206dee says:

    Pic 5 super solid wit them lil jean shorts

  10. RED 2K13 says:

    Damn #12 standing so right

  11. Van Stat says:

    Who dat??? On tha mic…

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