You know it’s rare to find a thick Asian chic that are thick and not fat,it’s even rarer to find one that likes black men.

  • Tony

    I’ve been waiting for this post my dude!! Keep em coming bro

  • Showboogie 973

    Dam I Iuv this site! Never fails to make my day.What nexts Iraqis meat?

  • Nuttyboy

    Asian chick + booty= don’t get no better than this

  • macika

    Where is Kat Yun???????????!!!!!!! She thicker than ALL fo them! Annie Thao is running a very close second IMHO

  • firsatile

    yeah A lotta Cambodian bitches are thick__ I seen that on Discovery Channel and I was like. damn, baby girl_

  • Dragonj

    Nice change up admin, although I have to disagree with you on two accounts. There are a lot of thick Asian women out there, and I used to think the same thing until I got an opportunity to spen time in Asia. And secondly brotha trust me when I tell you, Asian women love blackmen! The Asian women that I’ve delt with here in the states and overseas as well gave me much love, and I’m not talking about the ones you have to pay for! In fact most of them wanted to meet some of my homies but they told me the brothas don’t get at them.

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Nice…… 😉

  • tino

    im waitin on the ethiopian hoes… or the indian bishes… whtup @admin…

  • Mike

    Stop believe silly stereotype. Out here in Cali there are plenty of asian women that are into black men. these chicks are pretty hot.

  • nitty

    White at bottom is the truth!Skeet!Skeet!


    I like all of these but 8 & 17 can be wifey especially 17

  • Tight overall, pic#2 takes the cake though. PEACE!!!

  • I like asian woman especially THICK ones that have ass, that’s rare! Keep those comming!

  • young cvso

    there are 16 or 17 shades of black in this world. Asians are one of them. these are essentially black women. that’s your lesson for today. good work admin.

  • please

    #17 is the only decent ass

    thickness > exotic

    but if we are on the subject of asia, INDIAN CHICKS are thick as hell.

    and to clear up the rumors, asian chicks love black dick. but asians are virtually never thick. at least my definition of thick. this post confirms that. if any of these women were black, you wouldn’t want them cuz they are thick FOR AN ASIAN. not thick. at all. don’t get me wrong i love asians they are beautiful women, just not thick women.

  • please

    but this post highlights those few rare specimens:

  • 9 of those thick asian b1tches i posted on my thickasianblog.blogspot blog months ago!!

  • 901 Gangsta


  • russ

    most pics are of annie thao

  • A.K.

    #17!!!! #17!!!! #17!!!! #17!!!!

  • ryan

    these are some nice pics.

    Oh and to tell the truth, asian girls don’t really go for black guys……..thats a combination i’v very rarely come across myself and i have strong evidence in experiencing different cultures. Asians are genetically far different to black people, they have totally different bone structure and hair type and their shades of skin are always way closer to that of the healthy sun kissed white man then someone of black/afro origin….even yellow they say. The thing with woman from these areas of the world across asia and the middle-east, they are very cultured and are in most cases brought up to show more interest in men from their own background or similar culture naturally, i am so myself. A lot of White girls though i can very easily say do go for black men as here in the western society the black and hiphop culture has grown very big and well as for white culture…they dont even have one really. These western girl grow up watching famous black artists and the media making rappers look like god so its understandable that they get brainwashed into wanting a black man and sometimes (black men only) thats fresh imports from countries other than the west where that media doesn’t exist think very differently (they don’t see a black dude and just go wow!). But yes theres also a chance that they just like black men, end of. Also its very easy for black guys to handle white girls as white girls can’t really read the black man and can’t take control of the relationship. Its a breather for black men as lot of them can’t stand black women because well….they know they can’t turn a black girl into their dog, she’s too aware and will dominate instead. But obviously there are other reason that come into what i’v said such as the black man only being attracted to white girls (i had a black friend who always told me how he didn’t find black girls attractive physically at all) and i know not everything i have said applies to all cases but just giving the insight. Hope it was helpful, no offence to anyone…peace world

    • Phil


    • the real ryan

      that statement you just wrote is bullshit

    • the real ryan

      thats not true at all

  • the real ryan

    @ ryan dude stop talking nonsense there women thaat are pretty much dedicated to dating black men in every asian culture

  • Carlos

    Thick is fat for Asians. Asian men generally don’t like their women fat so the fat “thick” Asians go for anything that will give them attention. Black guys generally tend to go for anything, skinny fit or fat. The fine ones are going out with whomever just for $$, so it don’t matter what color you are. So don’t think asian women prefer blacks. It’s only about 1% of 1% of 1% that would choose a black man, even if he were the last man on earth.

  • 2 ni gras p_ _ ck

  • Aaron

    How can you find out what these womens names are and what sites they have? Thanks!

  • SLB

    Ryan…get out and see the world.