Top 15 Magic City Strip Club Pics

· November 11, 2009

Nelly celebrated his birthday last week in Magic City with Trey Songz and JD. Nelly was showing the what the definition of ‘Tip Drill’ means with the help of his colleagues.

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  1. Cease says:

    chics working that pole like the circus o le’

  2. still118 says:

    shawty live a hellova life

  3. Craig says:

    I gotta make it to magic city before I kick the bucket.. I live in Russia

  4. gphi says:

    Pics# 13, 22, & 24 are my favs. PEACE!!!

  5. blue knights says:

    damn do the last girl in the body suit work there?

  6. jaypream says:

    I love women in glasses.

  7. jbone says:

    That pole is catching hell in there shit.

  8. 757 lover boy says:

    hell yeah that what it is!!! damn!! @hahz…. hey man when we going to check out magic city man, i know you got the connects for that so go ahead and make plans so we can head out there….. they be throwing down. Damn!! tight post!!!!

  9. 757 lover boy says:

    @hahz… damn another tight post man!!! they are really throwing down on these magic city pics!!! @hahz… yo any time you ready to go check them out go ahead and get those vip passes and send me one too. they be throwing down in the atl!!!

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