I knew a lot of your eye brows raised when you seen this ti*le,what pics are your favorite?

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  • wayne720

    #5 is wicked real nice peace.

  • Ice

    White gal might have the #1 spot

  • I like that little video the best!

  • T-Fleezee

    Man I love the sistas but I have 2 give it 2 #6! I’m loving the fit & she sluggin!

  • nupedingo

    i am going chocolate… #9

  • ATLaggiN

    #3pic got that hypnotizing effect going on wit dat ass…

  • ATLaggiN

    Damn dat fine hispanic #6 chic got dat lingerie panted on! damn!

  • prime706

    1 4 5 7 dam i like that.

  • Cold and hot

    The girl in the blue bikini with the rainbow socks…

  • romedamarco

    Ok post…the jawn in the red and white

  • scog81

    Damn #3 got a big wide ASS. I would love to smash that BIG THANG. #7,9,10 & The girl in the GIF are POUNDABLE TOO.

  • BJ

    Pic 3 might be historical.

  • 4REAL




  • tongueUdown

    #5 & #6 cause I can picture myself behind both their asses



  • I like ’em all, but #4 would get my preference! 🙂

  • #5 and #6 are the baddest chicks on this post!

  • BlaccLondoner

    number 4 is a winner..i'd give her the life. i'd give her so many nuts chick would think she's an elephant..

    number 1 is badd too..

  • Mr. 239

    Yeah I would hit that. I would let her thick ass have it.

  • gostspkr

    I’m rollin’ wit’ #3. I damned near ’bout 2 bus-a-nut

  • Its good for stools and chairs, its good for me too

  • not just good for the stools, a blessing of all that ass.

  • bootylover

    damn they all fine but # 4 got the best size, shape and tone of azz. **** wanna eat that ****, **** her azz cheeks then slam in all the way in!! second place goes to # 3. third place to #1