Check out the top 10 models in bikini’s inside. Who got that #1 spot?

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  • no hate

    #9, all day long!!!!!!! So thick it’s sick’nin’!

  • #9 is #1 in my book.

  • blogettee

    Kristal is phyne …

    But that hoodrat in the yellow 2 piece got sum booty dude …

  • Tim

    Numba 9 is the show stopper, put them other broads to sleep.


    • iamdolo

      number had a bomb ass shape but her room dirty af

  • mr.portcity

    I’m stuck on 9…

  • jfizzle

    I’m going with 10

  • skydiver215

    9 is crazy thick

  • scog81

    #9 is SUPERTHICK. Damn she tough. #7 as well but my Fav is #8 tho. Them 2 thick Latin mamis on the beach. Big Thick Wide Azzez. POUNDING..

  • oh yeah bikini babes in the house! Okay I see a lot of playas must have been sleeping becuz they all picking #9…..nooooo! I mean she thick but she not top seed. The white chick in pic#4 is thick wit some big ass tits and decent face,and baby in pic#7 is cute and she got some meat on her too! And i’ll take the two ladies in pic#2 also. Wakeup fellas cuz yall was sleeping on these chicks lol,strait up! Thepack,chitown

    • 2,3,7,9,10 But if I only had to choose two women. Then it would be 3 & 7. Them two chicks is sho nuff fire.

  • #9,is thick like a mahfucka aaight in the face tho but bottom line she can still get it no doubt

  • too funny

    #3 sexy and by the looks if it she got a nice body too. Yeah #9 is thick, no deny that……pic #2 the girl on the left is right….#8 that’s a big a** booty, not phat just big as all outside.

    • moorfedayeen

      Pic 8 got the milfs!

  • pics 1,3 an 9 with number nine running this b1tch hands down

  • 3 & 7 got dayum!!!!!!!

  • Pic# 10. PEACE!!!

  • iLLmatic.

    9, 3, 2. In that order.

  • tone bone

    i go with 8 she can get it all day

  • stax757

    Wife mistress and ex. The mistress #4 is a beast I dont usually like the bunnies but I gotta give her props. The Ex #9 is a beast she looks like she could be drama so shes the ex. The Wife #10 I would wife fo sho.

  • Riem25


  • Ya’ll slipping on #5 I see a nip slip. Shit I’ll take her. #4 is straight for a white chick can’t lie about that. Now fella’s if you’re going to mess with a “white woman” this is what u have to have beside u pic#4. But Overall i’m still sticking with 3 (wife) 7 (mistress).


    WIFEY #10, ON POINT…

  • sammo

    #7 man fuck yall talkin bout?!?!?!

  • 1,7,9 that all said n done.

  • Rob-D

    4,8,9 don’t discriminate #4 is Badd as well as those thick mommies on the beach and #9 everybody has commented on that thickess.

  • laker1

    #9 period no contest!

  • PAC

    9 is molasses thick, 10 super sexy, 7 will make it hard to go home, but I’mma go with the sleeper 6. Lil cutie worts booty. Definitely can take her home to mommy.