Top 10: See through model pictures of the week

· February 23, 2011

Wednesday’s night top 10 see through model pictures of the week. Which pictures are your favorite?

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  1. juwellz says:

    #3 and 6 for me please!

  2. kevon says:

    2 damn dat ass loose

  3. Mr leftfoot says:

    #2 nuff said

    • 850boi says:

      What up leftfoot? Yeah 2 is a bad chick but that damn #6 got me bro. I would take all of these women because they all look good. So whoever u choose u can’t go wrong. Hahz good post brother keep’em coming.

      • Mr leftfoot says:

        @850 what up big homie?…Im with you on #6 but don’t sleep on #9 & #11…”wolfpack”

        • B strait up says:

          oooh wee! Solei(pic#10) is ridiculous “gotdayum” them hips & ass are ridiculous 4real! It should b illegal 4her 2 wear see through anything lol. Pic#6 is a banger too,nice face wit big ass tits(luv them dark silver dollar sized nipples) and she drippin wet…sexy,strait up! Thepack,chitown!

          • DHaynes says:

            @B Strait, What up homie!I must say that I HAVE to agree with ya… #6 and #10 are damn dangerous! #10 is thick as hell! That face is not nothing to write home about, but that ass and hips ARE! Them tig ol bitties on #6 are a beautiful site! This see thru wet look is really hot!But I would have to say that #2 takes the prize! As Florida Evans once said, “Damn Damn Damn!” Wolfpack

        • 850boi says:

          Oh yeah Mr.Leftfoot I agree I was looking @ those two and they are serious as hell. Yeah 1,2,4,6,9,10,11 can sho get it for real. But I love #6 & 10 the most thou.

  4. mr.portcity says:

    9,10,2,and 7 in that order for me

  5. Jimmy89 says:

    2,4,6, for me

  6. 850boi says:

    1,2,4,6,10 for me. I love all the women on this post but the 5 I just picked are the one’s that has me going. I love women how can a man be gay when u have some sexy ass, diva’s like these. I tell you Hahz u need to quit before some of us get into something that we can’t get out of lol.

  7. Bud V says:

    I got 9 on it #9 iz wut it iz!!

  8. Cakes says:

    My fave is #5 very sexy, but you know what pic would have sent this post over the top Melyssa Ford in King Magazine’s winter 2011 issue she has on a lace bodysuit …d* the girl still has it

    • 850boi says:

      Yeah Melissa Ford is always going to have it. She’s a chick that you can’t say nothing negative about (body & face wise). But I seen Regina King in something oh this X-mas movie she was looking nice as hell in those laced thongs & bra. She has my vote good lawd.

  9. Poppichuloco says:

    This is nice, creative. Sexy honeys…

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

  10. blackandmild says:

    solei hands down

  11. lonestar playa says:

    Yall see the UFO’s on #4? Maaaaann!

  12. IrishDublin says:

    Im goin num 2 all the way in this one she has an arse that would smile at your neighbours

  13. EL says:

    Number 6,like the old Johnny Gill song,MY,MY,MY…

  14. Tdeezy says:

    Damn this post is right!! Keep it up Hahz!!

  15. t-tyme says:

    #2 for me please!!!

  16. flagator says:

    man number 7 allll the way marry an 4 babies there follow by number 2 an then number 6 but number 7 is running this page here an every other page i seen her on

  17. gphi says:

    Pic#10. PEACE!!!

  18. brok7250 says:

    #2,6, 7 and 9 are my favorites i love 2 and 6 are my crazy best

  19. t-tyme says:

    my bad, pic#10 as well, didn’t see Sexy Solei @ first!!!

  20. MrBugg says:

    Give me 6 and 9

  21. Drestackones says:

    Solei gotta start working out

  22. 4REAL says:


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