The ladies upload and the fellas rate em. Tuesday’s top 10 homegrown flix of the day. Which #’s are your favorite?

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  • Stezo

    #8 look like she got 2 cee lo greens in them jeans

    • ed

      Did you notice #8 is in a dressing room trying on jeans! She got her raw ass on the jeans and probably will put them back on the rack!!!

      I’m glad I’m not a female because I doubt guys try on clothes with no underwear on…

      #4 stands out to me for some reason.

      • The Man

        good observation skills…probably noticing the tag on the jeans and the dressing room door.

        when it comes to looking at photos, people see things differently. some focus on the main subject, others on the background or what else is going on in the picture/photo.

        but the main thing is to not miss the focal point of the photo.

  • uh nice! These are a bunch of nice pics from a bunch of nice looking women! #3 & #8 are the best. Number #8 showing us how big her ass is…….great I luv it lol,strait up!

  • seanjohn100

    This post is pretty meh

  • MoorFedayeen

    #5, left side, get a 9+ cause she got everything, including natural hair. there it go…

  • Droc

    6,7,10,11,12 wifey types

  • juwellz

    11 & 12 are the winners here.

  • 1,2,5 (left) 6,7,8. Those are my picks.

  • Nuttyboy

    Hahz you did it again my dude. *standing ovation*

  • Treat this post like a dice game!! Um come’n out on 8(snap my finger and wipe my 4head, bounce’n letz go)eight it is, lil joe(4) u up nex….

  • mr.portcity

    3,4 and 9..all of them nice tho

  • Poppichuloco

    This homegrown sh1t is the best thing since cotton-candy @ the state fair.

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

  • Top$eedz


  • Cold and Hot

    All of em…

  • Cold and Hot


  • bloggette

    Oh Maliah !

  • pic 8 allllllllll da way followed by pic 3 an pic 9

  • Pics# 11 & 12. PEACE!!!

  • Warlloyd

    Mz. Purrfection’s ass (#8) is fiyah!!!

  • Jimmy89


    • Thanks for telling these cats that. Some of her pics be on point and sometimes they be a lil sloppy.

  • prime706

    i like # 2

  • 8, 12, and 4

  • kellz34

    They all nice but # 8 no ? she can it all day.