Top 10 Donks Of The Day (11-25)

· November 24, 2010

Thickness Thursday Thanksgiving edition of the top 10 donks who are in need of some stuffing. Who deserves that #1 spot?

Happy Thanksgiving to the ANS wolf pack..

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Discussion13 Comments

  1. Tim says:

    I always loved the shape of Sinamon love’s Azz.

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks pic 4 by the way.

  3. BlackLonDoner says:


  4. halfMANhalfAMAZING says:

    #1 and #6 are winners!

  5. Forty_and_Fly_Guy says:

    good post

  6. B strait up says:

    #5,6 & 10 sho nuff got enuff meat,strait up!

  7. queso says:

    Yea Tim sinnamon love all nite

  8. johnmack says:

    notice how these chicks NEVER EVER have someone take these pictures

  9. Moula says:

    six n ten

  10. 4REAL says:

    DAMN WHO IS #10??? 6 & 9 YEP THEY CAN GET IT TOO!!

  11. Stezo says:

    #1 & #6 , claude have mercy, come here let me Eddie Long ya

  12. Eric says:

    Ten is Cherokee the ass

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