You can get a round trip flight from Atlanta to Brazil for about a stack ($1,000) right now. We took the top 10 bikini pictures out of the country to Brazil,which pics are your fav?

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  • Just saying

    YES, YES, YES! If we gonna do it we may as well do it right. I don’t give a Fu@k what anybody say, this just made my day!

    -just saying

    • trap101

      cosign %120 homie. This right here is my steez!….it’s heaven.

      • yeah fellas this ish is real nice! Brazil is the “hotbody” capital of the world 4 bad broads lol,strait up!

        • Mi gusta Mucho’s. These chicks are bad as hell. Especially 1,4,6 far left.

          • jfizzle

            @850, after I click on #5 it was wrap, yo shorty is beautiful, and them hips are killin me. She’ll make me renounce my US citizenship and sell payaya juice on the beach in Brazil!!! LOL Damn, I gotta get the Rosetta Stone for my birthday

          • @Jfizzle lmao man u wild. Payapaya juice dawg lol…..boy that’s a bad ass female if she has u at the point of giving up ur citizenship. She tightwork thou I was looking @ pic #8 I like the chick in the red top body. That Mf body is right dawg. But u have to be careful with these Brazilian women I heard they have aids over in their country real strong.


    i luv the could you go wrong with any of them

  • still118

    man hahz u trippin. these chicks aint brazilian, they regular black…seen em @ fogo de chao in buckhead. c’mon folk! LOL

  • Tim

    Bad chicks. Brazilian girls can take some pain. Bad broads, but you taking a chance when you do the deed with one of them.

    • MoorFedayeen


  • mr.portcity

    3 ,4 and 6 (girl far left)

  • Cakes

    Number 4 is my fav.

    • Yeah mine too Cakes. #1 bad as hell too buddie.

  • still118

    pic 2…both of ’em

  • seanjohn100

    The pic with the 3 asses is the best one

  • Jimmy89

    I want # # that ass is real.. the pic with 3 asses all look fake

  • Jimmy89

    pic # 3

  • MoorFedayeen

    In pic #6 they pretty much naked. Damn..

  • Will

    Man…these photos came at the right time for me…I’ll be heading to Brazil for the first time in late March…weekend in Rio De Jan and the rest of the week in a place called San Paulo…yessir! Skeet! Skeet!

    • We needs pics if there good enough Ill post em

  • Stezo

    #4 & 5…. abu la mey caka clasudue ek flie. dam yall got me speaking in pig latin

  • Stezo

    claude hav mercy….they look better than a fried bologna sammitch and some cherry koolaid with extra sugar

  • Poppichuloco

    Although the two lesbos in pic #2 are in brazil on the beach, they are actually from Jersey. I see these b1tches get around.

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

    • jfizzle

      @Pop, y’all gotta ’em like that in DIrty Jerse. Too bad by are carpet munchers

      • Poppichuloco

        You have no idea what’s lurking about.

        Stay Thirsty & Work!

  • Blue

    I c it’s a must to have thunder thighs in Brasil… Solid 4 all day tho, shawty right, and if she ain’t I’ll take her azz to the clinic and make sure she is

  • no hate

    1, 4, 5, 8! Must not be too many unattractive/horribly built women in Brazil.

  • fadad

    Yes Sir!!! something different, 9 n 3

  • jerseybrotha

    Man I would love to get out of this snow & get down there with those hott a$$es!

  • IrishDublin

    I am leavin this cold damp jobless country and hittin South America, I don’t give a shite if their number 2 crime is kidnapping the macpasties, ill pretend im rich for those womans. Just beautiful.

  • RASH

    Can’t tell…i’m just try to breath right now…

  • Troy

    Its some nice girls but no bangers for me. with brazilian women u never know if the ass real or fake. # 3 real for sho. but the others????

  • scooty

    and I’m sure all of ya’ll know that brazil has the highest AIDS rate. Do your research smh!!!!

    • Technically Africa does

      • fadad

        @ Hahz, Africa is not a Country but a Continent, Scooty was rating Brazil aids as a country, get it right!

    • trap101

      Actually homie. YOU! need to do your research and stop repeating what folk say, cuz they go the same rate as the US.

      Ask somebody!

      • Cakes

        lol I don’t have any input here but I just wanted to say if you’re going to link a source wikipedia is not that credible i mean college prof. don’t even accept info from this site on research papers sooooo yeah



  • sammo

    #4 and i’m out…

  • 1,4,6, all day

  • 4REAL


  • Moula