Saturday’s top 10 se*iest bikini pictures of the day. Who would you take to the beach then the bed?

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  • Riem25

    3 8 11 DAMN

    • I agree with your picks homie good choice. How can everyone else leave out #8?

      • Whatz good “PACK”/what it do Cane? What would the world b without a (La)”STAR”(ya)……..

        • Chillin homie (D’mage) yeah you right what would this world be like without our baby (Lastarya). She is so fine my goodness. Yo D’mage man homie I was with my son lastnight and the place we was at man I saw atleast 3 women that could of been on this website. Got damn they was fine and beautiful.

          • Oh sh1t lol…….man I ended up using ur screen name. I typed this in ur name Dmage. My bad homie.

  • ld4644

    11 is something special…. damn

  • BLACKdynamite

    #1 FOR SURE!!

  • BigRob

    #3 back look sexy as hell. make u wonder what her face look like.

  • #11…………………….fuck damn she bad

  • Cakes

    #10 has a killer shape

    • 2,3,8,10,11. But 8 killed all of these women straight hands down man can’t lie about this.

      • After further review on 10. She gets a 15 yrd penalty. The penalty is for holding. Her body is not that great look @ her love handles. But she has a nice rack and her face is beautiful. Now 8 has a banging ass body for real.

        • @850,hell yeah #8 bangin,is that ur girl lastarya? I’m checkin out #3 & #6 too!

        • Cakes

          @850 love handles!?! are you serious, now i know you just joshing me because #10 has an ideal female shape not flat chested with boy waist just straight down and then oversized asses like your girl Lastarya and B myles and don’t even get me started on that face of Lastarya’s lol i was going to say she’s the best on this post but i didn’t want the sensitive people on here to get offended lol but now i will say it she’s killing the rest of them for sure

    • Jobsdone

      aint that the truth….drop dead beautiful.

      • Sweer

        i wana know how lastarya went from this to all of her ass always looked fake to me to hard and stiff and a see a video of her moving her ass well trying and that thing aint shake like it was spose to…no 11 has got it going on body and face!

        • diamond

          i use to work with star at she she in new orleans, she always had a runners body in shape, but the ass came years later, we use to get injections, this lady from atl use to come down and give us strippers the injections for 500.00 to 1500.00. i have no problem with saying i got them, but just be real with it, ya money paid for it. so to answer anyone’s question, no it’s not natural, you could ask anyone in new orleans that. whats up star, lala, and nena this atl diamond!!!!

          • diamond

            correction: work with star, not at star lol yall check out club she she if yall ever in new orleans!!!

          • Damn “Diamond” you sealed the deal on this one. Hell “Lastarya” just lost alot of cool points with me. Hell if it’s not natural then you don’t get no love from me. Dammit Lastarya why……………..

          • Damn she was straight without the injections. I would of torn the dress off of her ass in that pick damn she is looking real good in this pic. Hell Diamond post some pics of yourself.

          • DIAMOND


          • Age is just a number if you keep saying your old guess what your body is going to follow and your never to old mentally to look sexy.

            He might not want you taking pics like that but I bet my last he is looking at the ones who do.

          • diamond

            he prolly is hahs, but i have no problem with him looking, i’m very secure. i have a 15 year old who put me on to this site, so i think imma just comment as of now lol

  • Pic 2 (on the right) 8 & 11 are the show stoppers to me.

    • jfizzle

      @850, yo dog that’s my pick right there picture 2 shorty on the right,WOW, she 1st round 1st pick

      • DHaynes

        What up PACK! 850 & JFizz, as usual u 2 are on it! My pics are 1, 8 & 11! 11 is a sneaky fine… Just sneaks up on ya! As far as #8… I dont have to say nothing, that pic is saying it ALL!! Be easy ALL!
        1 love!~ “That DAMN PACK!”

        • Mr leftfoot

          #1#3#11 can get it….”wolfpack”

          • I agree with you Dhaynes.

            @Leftfoot wassup homie. I like your choices as well but I switched out #1 for #8. 8 is the winner on this one for me.

          • Jfizzle yeah I had to do a double take with her. She has that natural beauty for real.

  • too funny

    #8 and #11

  • ATL Tony

    number 7 has one of the closest to perfect ass i have ever seen on a white girl. One of the few white girls i would potentially wife up.

  • mr.portcity

    everybody but the chick on the right on in #5

  • Poppichuloco

    Intersting assortment of beauties. I’m fascinated by the creative edge of this post. No particular favorite, enjoyed them all.

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

  • Cutta

    #8 is Lastarya unless my eyes deceiveth me. Her and Solei got the stupidest bodies out here.

  • IrishDublin

    F**k me sideways almost a perfect deck 9 needs to give up the beer though, some bleedin gorgeous womans here but ill have to go with 8 just an arse ahead of 6 and 11.

  • Tree

    #3 is straight sexy, at least from the back…even sexier is the fact she reads.

  • 4REAL

    1,6,11 N DAT ORDER!!

  • How can niggaz be gay wit all this azz out here

    • Don’t know homie but they can stay that way. Far as i’m concerned it’s more for us.

  • Pics#1,3,6,8, & 9. PEACE!!!

  • Big Brother

    Number10 has the body to die for, im loving the pose of number 9!!

  • ac 919

    Pic 1, the chick in the pink in pic 2, and pic 11

  • jay

    #4 is just a work of art.

  • bwick

    Who is Pic #6!?

  • #8 followed by #3.

  • sammo

    i see a lotta dudes sleepin on #9, sure the rest are quality but she’s the dark-horse in this post…


    1 9 10…..WHO IS NUMBER 1 THOUGH

  • mobboss

    3, 6, 8, 11, damn but 3 is the hottest

  • Whothisthen

    Definitely no 1 all the way to the bedroom after the beach of course.

  • ShannelTheUgly

    Weak.. 4 has face I want but..buttaface chicks get the love.