Top 10 Bikini Babes Of The Day (1-8)

· January 9, 2013


I have 10 reasons why most men love the Summer time inside. For those who don’t live in a warm state right now will appreciate this post more then those who do. Who deserves the gold?


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  1. Bob says:

    Wish I could pull all these women out the photos and smash em. One by one.

  2. Mike Lowrey says:

    #2 wit the flag get the Gold.# 1 got Silver and # 3 get the bronze. Honorable mention to #8 in all white everything.

  3. Deedog says:

    Number 4 got everybody beat hands down. You could’ve left the rest out

    • Southwestern says:

      You ain’t lying. She tough.

      • F.B.I. (female body inspector) says:

        Agreed! Serena looking feminine and showing her moose knuckle is a welcome sight, too! Team Chocolate wins again. We beats BP down worse than ‘Bama did Notre Dame, the other night!

  4. Mister Mister says:

    #4 is comedian Aarona Browning, she got up YouTube videos of her trying on bikinis & the video from her trip from where that pic was taken. Her body is something crazy

    Give me 6-8 though….that Crystal Westbrook is nice, but she a youngin lol

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