Ain’t gon stress you, but ima let you know,Girl you be killin em. Which pic is your favorite?

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  • Mr leftfoot

    #8 blue bikini got the #1 spot

    • Mr.Leftfoot what it is homie. So Blue bikini got your #1 spot? I’m going to have to give this one to the #1 pic on the post. Buffie got my vote playboy.

      • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

        Sup, 850? I second your motion!

        • Forty & Fly wassup up buddie what’s good with ya? Yeah Buffie is killing these chicks man.

      • Mr leftfoot

        @850 what up playa?…oh yeah the last pic (grey pants) is a beast

        • @Mr.Leftfoot wassup big homie. Yeah them grey pants is serious. She’s my second honey.

  • Dimpledave

    i luv them all.. lady’s let me know what club your i can cum holla

  • Poppichuloco

    Thank the good lord these phones camera are getting better, I can appreciate the clarity here, just one suggestion, wipe down those mirrors.

    This is good, real good sir.

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

  • Ass-Member

    Gotta love pic number 4 shes a cutie and a buffie the body sighting not her best pic but still looks like the bottom is prime!

  • seanjohn100

    3 and 4 take the cake. Now if there was some way we could get these chicks pins lol

  • Top$eedz

    NUMBA 4

  • mr.portcity

    ill say 3 and 4 just bcuz..what’s up with 7 I mean what r we supposed to b looking at

    • Cakes

      Lmao you ain’t lying about #7 I was thinking the same about #2 as well she might have a lil something but there’s no waistline it could be the angle

  • Nice a$$ post, goodlook’n HAHZ……

  • I’d take em all especially the chick n the last pic(black top & grey leggins) she look thick as hell wit some big ass tits too,strait up!

    • DHaynes

      @BStrait… YES SIR! That looks like a Thick-um! I am gonna roll with #3 too, just cuz I’m greedy like that!

      • Lmao ya’ll boi’s are wild as hell. But I agree I would take all of them as well. But I would have to walk away with my girl “Buffie” or the chick in the jeans or grey leggins. Hell I ” even take the chick in the black shorts.

        • Wtup part of the “Pack”? Yeah, the last pic can get it exactly were she @….(and you now um grill’n in the mirror, getit-getit-getit-getit-bow!!-bow!!-bow!!-bow!!)

          • Lmao @D’mage i’m chilling wolfpack. This post made my work day alot better. Hahz posted some good posts these past few days. Hey did any of you guys get “You are banned” when you try to view this website?

          • @850 Naw, didn’t get that….(I don’t think a bih really want all these problemz they will have to face)

          • I agree with you D’mage.

  • still118

    lil ms sunshine in the last picture…i know u blowin me a kiss!

  • slim_mendoza

    Where does #3 work? I’ll make it drizzle!!
    I’m loving em all, but where is #10?

  • Jimmy89

    Gotta roll will buffie, then g-string chick, then shorty with the gray pants & blue bikini. on the last pic before u take a pic clean yo damn mirror. some of these chicks show they not wifey material cuz they nasty as hell.

  • fadad

    #4 is a banga!!

  • Troy

    #2 weak & doesn’t need to be posted. gimme buffie & the last pic & blue bikini and im in heaven dawg

  • Will

    Anytime I see a Buffie sighting, I got to give propz…so that’s the #1 choice right there followed by last pic with ol girl in the grey shorts…Skeet! Skeet! I’m wonderin’ how old these homegrown Buffie shots are?

  • t-tyme

    the last pic , hands down!!!

  • d


  • Buffie, all day… then #5 in the morning.

  • Blue

    Man I guess nobody c how #4 is shaped like a coke bottle… That’s good cuz I’m taking her…. Solid 4 all day… IF you ain’t Solid don’t holla it!!!

    #3 you looking good too, look like yo red azz may have a nice hump u can ride too, but you shawties who cover the face up, get’s no play don’t care how big the dookie is… I Got’s to c the grill!

    Windy City!

  • 4REAL

    4 & 8

  • Buffie ass always looks good.

  • Stezo

    dam i’m hungry

  • King


  • DHaynes

    HAHZ… Did you just slide that last pic in?? Or did I miss that one? I would have remembered that one bending ova like that! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!

  • Go Ms. Rabbit!!!

  • TYBO2020

    #6 & #9..

  • IrishDublin

    I must say these are gorgeous ladies. Have to give it to num 10 and give it to her I would if I was allowed, Irish women can throw a punch know what i mean he he. But a very very close runner up 1,3,4,5 and 8.

    Get up the yard oua that.

  • Thrilla

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  • Kara Thorn

    Damn, these chicks are hot as fuck. I would do em all at once 😉

  • MustyRugged

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