Negotiating foreign policy? Nope. Cupcakes. This 3-year-old boy is giving it his best shot with mom, Linda Beltran, who posted this precious video on YouTube.

We can see litigation and lobbying in his future.

How could you say no to that face?

  • E-Dub

    He call his mom by her first name. Cute or not I would have been punched in my chest.

    • missmina

      haha true say.

  • Fuddie

    Man, after the first “Linda”? **WHAP-PAP!**

  • tical

    Smart lil kid but he has learned to be manipulative and learned how to get his way.

  • Afrika

    Kids these days can skate board and pilot jet planes at the age of one, a new breed of smart ass’s, proper genes + copious amounts of omega three you got Einstein.