Today’s Top Coke Bottle Bodies

· September 4, 2009


A collection of women with family size coke bottle bodies. Who is your favorite?

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  1. laker1 says:

    Now that’s what I call having a coke and a smile!

  2. BIG JIM says:

    You can call me a crackhead. Damn!

  3. Nuttyboy says:

    #4 is a winner in da mi book.

  4. trendsetta718 says:

    who is the last one damn!!

  5. Mr Nice Guy says:

    Shidd, the last one is supertight!!!! Damn!!

  6. tone says:

    the last one is baker from RCOL2

  7. gphi says:

    The chick in pic#5 in the green dress. PEACE!!!

  8. KING BOOLA says:


  9. 4REAL says:

    Green dress & purple dress!! 4REAL

  10. oOo yeAh says:

    Lol look @ baker but i want thA 1 after angel luv

  11. Jaypream says:

    Shorty in the green dress is the best. The other chick can’t even get her hands around it.

  12. 901 Gangsta says:


  13. prime706 says:

    dam all them fine.

  14. tongueUdown says:

    Coke is it. The woman’s body is truly a work of art.

  15. Paul says:

    I must concur with the majority of the fellas, the green and the purple dress hands down, dick up! Lol. The one after Angel is banging with those titties!

  16. paul says:

    Must concur with the majority. The green and purple dresses wins, hands down and dick up. Lol. Also the one after Angel is banging with those big ole titties.

  17. DEN2 says:

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!2ND FROM THE LAST GOT IT ALL!!!!!!!!

  18. bighomie53 says:


  19. Rayray74 says:

    The girl n da white dress is got a killa body but I’ll hit them all

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