Time To Work Out With Carol Seleme

· March 5, 2013

Brazilian published model Carol Seleme has some work out routine tips for you. 

From painting to photography to modeling and appearing in music videos with everyone from Rick Ross to Pitbull. Since moving to Los Angeles from her native Brazil at age 18 she’s been all over the creative landscape.


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  1. i’ve always liked this girl,brian. she’s #6 on my “marry me” list haha

  2. WildWild says:

    I love my sistah’s but Brazil is where is at … Can’t wait to hit DR next month… may not come back to this mf… Hahz you need to do the very best of Brazil.. n glad to c u got this hood azz site fixed..lol.. jfwu

  3. Damn she’s nice…real nice. She’s does gif’s well LOL

  4. lazarus says:

    Damn, I would beat the breaks offa Carol. Not as thick as I likem, but would make the exception. thigh game is real nice.

    This message has been Midgard Approved.

  5. President Ward says:

    She’s super sexy. But f*ck that illuminati shirt she wearing in the second pic.

  6. no hate says:

    This woman is SEXINESS PERSONIFIED. Gorgeous, shapely, and fit all rolled into one. Her, Maliah, and Bria (plus a few pounds) all have that natural appeal. They look GOOD (face, body, and hair) on ordinary days and even BETTER (most times) when they’re all dolled up.

  7. LouieVtheKING says:

    She super dope

  8. Smoov says:

    She a Dime. Nothing left to say.

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