Time Magazine Cover: After Trayvon

· July 18, 2013

The night that a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of killing Travyon Martin, Otis Moss III, the pastor of Barack Obama’s old Chicago church, Trinity United Church of Christ, sat down to talk with his son after watching the verdict. “Daddy, am I next?” asked his 12-year-old.

It is a haunting question that parents across the country are grappling with in the wake of Martin’s tragic death. Racially-charged trials and the national debates that follow are not new for this country. But for many, this time feels different. The verdict comes on the heels of the Supreme Court decision that invalidated key portions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, a victory of the Civil Rights era. It comes just a month before the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington. As the poet Maya Angelou put it, Martin’s death and its aftermath had a collective effect. “What is really injured, bruised, if you will, is the psyche of our national population,” she says. “We are all harmed. We are all belittled.”

Our cover story this week, “After Trayvon,” focuses on the effects of the verdict on a nation with a black President that has yet to fulfill his post-racial promise. The trial may have ended, but its repercussions have only begun.

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  1. Truth says:

    That cover speaks volumes…..

  2. MoorDetroitRed says:

    The cover speaks bullshit. Time is a Jew owned Zionist magazine, precisely the folks that push this “fear blacks” agenda in ALL media outlets (newspaper, nightly local and works news) because they need a diversion or common enemy to blame while they rob this country dry with their monetary system.

    :-) Fun Fact: 97% of the global media is Jewish owned :-)


  3. too_funny says:

    Black men should have been telling their sons these things since day 1, as i have done……aint shyt changed so y wait till something like this that makes the news and media to decide to now to talk to your kids.

    Trayvon was 1 in a thousand this happens to yearly in america. so y didnt he talk to his son last yr or the yr before or the yr before that.

    • MalleG'z says:

      @too, you 100% right, but the sad fact is a lot of these young cats dont see the daily racism that we do. Its a byproduct of the cultures blending. Music has especially been the catalyst that drives black & white together. White kids wearing doo rags, speaking street slang, saggin pants. Black kids skateboarding, wearing that weird Westbrook style, listening to alternative music. Our young Brothers think they’ve been accepted, and that racism is over and done with, so they walk the streets ignorant and blind to what’s always been there, and sadly always will be.

  4. @too_funny said “Black men should have been telling their sons these things since day 1″

    The realest sh!t you ever wrote.

  5. God says:

    Lmao… I’m a black man.. All I’m saying is if you don’t like what’s on a magazine make your own magazine….

  6. God says:

    I only used the N-Word because @moor said “Jew” which is a group of people…. Y’all some frauds

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