Timbaland Joins Roc Nation

· January 30, 2013


Jay-Z’s website Life + Times announced the news this morning with a photo with a description “Roc Nation welcomes TIMBALAND to the family.”

Most recently, Roc Nation signed M.I.A., Meek Mill, Elijah Blake and Jahlil Beats to subsets of the company including the label and management.

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  1. Queso (The Corp) says:

    That’s wassup.. All my top hov songs was timbaland produced. Definitely top 5 producers!

  2. Mister Mister says:

    When is Jigga going to stop faking on J. Cole though? I gotta admit, I was first hesitant but slim is talented. Didn’t Jay overlook Kanye at first as well & it was Dame who really put him on?

    • Jamez says:

      cole is a grown ass man tho. yea jay overlooked ye but what did ye do?? his own damn thang. i wouldn’t want an artist lookin like a hungry ass dog at the dinner table either. no hate on cole but do wat u did to get here homie…

      • Mister Mister says:

        An artist can only do so much without the label providing what its supposed to provide too. Ye isn’t the only one Jay has overlooked, Young Chris was another one. Roc Nation has a talented roster, although some are just under the management side, they have a roster that could compete with the YMCMB & MMG

        • Jamez says:

          one thing we didnt consider is that maybe he wanted a break. yea ycmb and mmg on top is cause theyre forced down our throats. i have some favorite artists but that dont mean i wanna hear you all tha damn time. make me miss your music and build up the anticipation instead of making me sick of your voice ( weak millz)

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