The last time Tiger Woods was ranked the number one golfer was back in 2010 but that has all changed after he grabbed his 8th win at Bay Hill for the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

It has been a rough couple of years for Woods but he has been doing much better re finding his game and getting his career and thought process back to what it was when he was dominating the sport. With the win at Bay Hill he has now one three PGA events since the 2013 year began. Many watching Tiger in the past few events said that they have noticed his confidence return and whatever since of fear that was there is no longer an issue playing with a “never let your opponent sniff the lead mentality.

His 2-shot win over Justin Rose has tied Sam Snead’s individual event win record.

  • moor

    *Wesley Snipes voice* “Always bet on BLACK”

  • Playboy69


  • Lindsey Vonn gets no direct shout out? lol good to see Tiger back on top again.

  • cant keep a good man down

  • 20/20

    I dont think many people are genuinley happy for this man.. smh cheating dog

    • ginoBrown

      Fam u can’t hold that against dude the rest of his life, yea he cheated on his wife but so does thousands of other guys, it doesn’t make it right but with a 50% divorce rate in America it certainly happens alot in my opinion the only people Tiger owed a apology 2 was his wife and kids…other than that everyone else does not matter.

      • 20/20

        Gino i honestly agree 100% with you but im just stating the facts his competitors probably arent happy for some its because he’s black on the other side ppl feel he’s a sellout, cheater , the way he stands etc. lol its human nature

  • ginoBrown

    Guess who’s bizack???