Throwback: 2010 Kanye West HBO Pilot

· July 15, 2013


In 2010 someone uploaded a clip of Kanye West’s improv sitcom HBO pilot to YouTube, and no one noticed? Three full years and four Kanye albums have passed, and no made fun of him for this. Here’s a blockquote from a 2008 article on, when such a thing seemed possible and maybe even good:

[Executive Producer Larry] Charles did say that the show is roughly Kanye’s version of Larry David’s show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” an idea that Kanye thought up himself. “What Kanye West said to me the first time, he said, ‘I’m the black Larry David.’ That’s the first thing he said to me. So it’s like a Kanye-and-‘Curb’ show, it’s kind of improvised about the situations and stuff.

The project was scrapped—probably when someone at HBO saw the above video—because it was “too hardcore,” according to one network exec. The idea of a Black Larry David, but no one wanted to explain to Kanye how bad it was.

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  1. 1luv says:

    It could have been good, Kanye does have that charisma to bring in a audience . There have been far worse comedy shows.

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